5 Facts About "22 Jump Street"

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June 11th, 2014

"21 Jump Street" remains a beloved television staple decades after its final episode aired on television. Media has come a long way since then, but the "21 Jump Street" fan base is even more devoted now than ever. While critics and fans alike were hesitant to embrace the 2012 reboot, "21 Jump Street" received rave reviews and ratings around the world. A mere two years after the first film's debut, "22 Jump Street" remains poised to exceed expectations for the franchise once again. Here are some of the most intriguing facts about the film that have fans buzzing with excitement.



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Television Cameos Make a Comeback

The "21 Jump Street" television series was known for its often tongue-in-cheek cameo appearances from popular celebrities of the day. Even the film gave a respectful nod to this tradition, featuring cameo reprisals from Johnny Depp, Holly Robinson and Peter DeLuise, among others. "22 Jump Street" officially features cameos from Ice Cube and Brad Pitt. While details are not out yet as to what Pitt's character is doing in the film, Ice Cube has an exciting role as a captain at the Jump Street precinct.



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Grown-up Story Lines Take Center Stage

Jenko and Schmidt are known for their playful antics, but cast and crew interviews have revealed that "22 Jump Street" focuses on the transformation of the dynamic duo from boys to men. As Jenko and Schmidt go undercover at the local college to break apart a nefarious drug ring, they are forced to separate and explore their own individual identities. The film's director explains that the storyline focuses on personal growth and the reality that friends sometimes grow apart. While fans can still expect plenty of buddy cop humor and adventures between the two bumbling rookies, there are also themes of maturity and coming of age to lend more depth to the story.



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Tight Schedules

Not only did actors have to move their schedules around to participate in the heavily packed filming process of "22 Jump Street," but directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord had to scrap their plans to revise the script before filming. The tight schedule was at least in part due to both directors' commitment to "The Lego Movie," a major comedy film that premiered only months before "22 Jump Street." It is rare for a script to make it to filming without going through at least one round of revisions, but only time can tell if the "22 Jump Street" script can shine without those finishing touches.



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Delayed Debut

Fans expressed understandable doubt when the "22 Jump Street" production process was pushed back not once but multiple times. When the process began in September 2013, fans and critics alike waited anxiously for updates to see if the truncated production time would affect the film's quality or, at the very least, push back the debut. Less than one year after filming and production began, "22 Jump Street" remains on track for its June 2014 debut. Initial reports of the film have been resoundingly positive, assuaging the fears that the film would suffer from its short period in production.



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Nostalgia Abounds

"21 Jump Street" remains a television show with one of the most devoted fan followings of all time. Thanks to its formulaic approach to each episode and dedication to always include something out of the ordinary to keep things fresh, the long-running series remains a cult classic. Like the "21 Jump Street" film, "22 Jump Street remains true to the roots of the original, echoing the basics of its tried-and-true plot while updating the story for the modern day. The best thing about Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as Jenko and Schmidt is that the actors manage to pay homage to the original duo while creating an on-screen chemistry that is all their own. Critics have acknowledged that "22 Jump Street" keeps with the typical theme of Jenko and Schmidt infiltrating student culture to catch the bad guys, but this time the story is a lot grittier and a lot harder to predict once the initial foundation is set.

"22 Jump Street" is one of the most highly anticipated summer films of 2014. While critical expectations are significantly higher than they were with the first film, every detail that has been released so far points to a resounding success for the film in box offices and in fans' hearts. Few reboot franchises manage to satisfy fans of the original without alienating modern audiences, but directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord have found a way to straddle that line perfectly.