What We Can Expect from "22 Jump Street"

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June 10th, 2014

Fans of the "21 Jump Street" are nothing if not dedicated, and directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have ensured their devotion is rewarded with "22 Jump Street." The first film managed to reignite interest in the classic television series, and that spark has turned into a blazing following of old and new fans alike. Some formulas will never change when it comes to Jenko and Schmidt's dynamic adventures, but the sequel is sure to offer up plenty of new and exciting twists made to please classic fans as well as newcomers.



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Laughs Galore

Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) may be moving up to college, but viewers shouldn't expect any more scholastic excellence from this crime-fighting duo than it did in the last film. If any odd couple can take the college world by storm, it's Jenko and Schmidt. With fraternities, sororities and all-night keg parties, the boys of "22 Jump Street" will have their work cut out for them when it comes to balancing undercover jobs with off-duty antics. Schmidt begins the film by infiltrating the college art scene. His attempts to pose as one of the hip indie artists will undoubtedly have audiences laughing.



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Personal Growth

Since "21 Jump Street," both Jenko and Schmidt have had their work cut out for them. No longer rookies, the partners must make their own way in the world of law enforcement and adult responsibilities. When their undercover assignment leads them to tackle different college cliques separately, their relationship becomes strained. Schmidt begins to doubt whether he really needs Jenko's dependable dose of courage to be a great law enforcement officer. He begins to wonder if he can handle things on his own. The fact both guys have done some serious soul searching and maturing since the first film suggests "22 Jump Street" will determine whether they grow apart with age or grow up together.



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Friends or Foes

While high school proved to be far less of a battleground than Jenko and Schmidt remembered, the cliques and tensions between different teenage factions kept the partners united against a common enemy. Fans can look forward to seeing just how well Jenko and Schmidt fare when they aren't battling for social survival at every turn. Jenko's laid-back attitude and Schmidt's self-reliant tendencies are bound to result in a clash when they have enough space from each other to realize how different they are.



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Guest Appearances

Ice Cube has a major role in "22 Jump Street" as Captain Dickson, Jenjo and Schmidt's supervising officer. Other notable guest appearances include Rob Riggle, who reprises his role as Mr. Walters from the first film, Wyatt Russell as Zook and Jillian Bell as Mercedes. The film even features brief cameo appearances from Brad Pitt and Richard Grieco, recycling the first film's nod to various actors and actresses through multiple cameos. Fans can look forward to these appearances. Various winks and nods are rumored to be hidden throughout the film, many in tribute to the original "21 Jump Street" television series.



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Heartfelt Moments

For all their flaws and arguments, Jenko and Schmidt truly are a match made in heaven when it comes to crime solving and friendship. No "22 Jump Street" movie would be complete without plenty of heartfelt moments between everyone's favorite crime-fighting team. While Schmidt has always been known as the cool, levelheaded one, viewers can expect to get a sense of his vulnerable side in this sequel. The characters' other relationships will also be explored, from family to potential romances.



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Intense Mystery

Synthetic drugs may have been the name of the game for the villains in "21 Jump Street," but this film takes on a darker twist. Jenko and Schmidt are forced to pursue a drug ring that has infiltrated the local college, and cracking the case will be anything but easy. While these bumbling heroes try to integrate themselves into academic life, they just may find themselves unprepared for the criminal mastermind lurking within the school's hallowed halls. This time, the chase could turn deadly as Jenko and Schmidt are pitted against their most cunning and dangerous enemy yet. Friends and foes begin to blur together and betrayal lurks around every corner, ensuring fans will have all the mystery and action they could hope for in this long-awaited sequel.

"22 Jump Street" is loaded with thrills, humor and inside jokes from start to finish, delivering on numerous fan expectations. While the rest remains a secret, what has been released so far is enough to fuel the greatest hype for the franchise this far.