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Inspired by Arthur Schnitzler's classic play La Ronde, screenwriter Peter Morgan and director Fernando Meirelles' 2012 romantic drama film combines a modern and dynamic roundelay of stories into one, linking characters from different cities and countries in a vivid, suspenseful and deeply moving tale of love in the 21st century. Anthony Hopkins, Rachel Weisz, Jude Law & Ben Foster star.

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2012-08-14 16:59

Movie Review: "360"

-- Rating: R
Length: 110 minutes
Release Date: August 2, 2012 (USA...

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Rachel Weisz questioned "every single word" of the script for '360'. The British actress stars alongside Jude Law and Sir Anthony Hopkins in the film about the inter-twining lives...
'The Deep Blue Sea' will close this year's London Film Festival. The movie - an adaptation of Terence Rattigan's classic play - tells the story of forbidden love and repressed...
Fernando Meirelles' '360' will open this year's London Film Festival. Rachel Weisz, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jude Law star in the story - written by Peter Morgan ('The Queen') -...

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