Aaron Eckhart to play Beach Boys drummer Wilson

October 17th, 2011

Aaron Eckhart will play late Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson in a new movie.

The 'Rum Diary' actor will show off his vocal talents in 'The Drummer' as the biopic - which will be directed by Randy Miller - chronicles the final six years of Dennis' life up to his death in 1983 and will feature tracks from the musician's 1977 solo album 'Pacific Ocean Blue'.

Randy told Variety: "We'd been trying to figure out who the right person would be to fill this role. It's quite a demanding role so it had to be a great actor who could sing."

"There's a discovery about Dennis with this film. Everybody knows Brian [Wilson, frontman], but nobody really knows Dennis' music."

Aaron will also serve as executive producer on the movie, with two of Dennis' children Carl and Jennifer, acting as co-producers alongside the director, Jody Savin and Brad Rosenberger.

Dennis - who was a heavy drinker and smoker - drowned shortly after his 39th birthday.

He had been drinking all day and diving in the afternoon in an attempt to recover items he had thrown off his yacht at Marina Del Ray three years earlier.