Movie Recap: What Happened over the Weekend?

Photo Credit: Screen Gems
February 17th, 2014

"About Last Night" debuted with $27 million during the weekend of February 14. When Bernie and Joan introduce their friends to each other, sparks fly. In the bedroom, each couple has plenty of chemistry, but in the real world, complications and misunderstandings lead to lots of drama. As the women and men gossip about their burgeoning relationships, they realize just how tricky true love can be. The romantic comedy has an R rating for drug use, language and mature content.

"RoboCop" saw $21,500,000 in opening weekend profits. Together with profits from its February 12 debut, the action remake has earned over $26 million in total. After police officer Alex Murphy nearly dies on the job, he gets an unexpected second chance at life. OmniCorp is willing to reinvent Alex as a high-tech cyborg cop with a taste for justice. What OmniCorp doesn't anticipate is that Alex's family is not ready to let the cop forget his past life. The PG-13 rating is due to drug material, brief language, sensuality and intense action sequences that include frenetic gunplay.

"Endless Love" took $13,400,000 in box office proceeds. When sheltered, wealthy Jade meets David, she feels an instant draw to the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Although David seems like nothing but a bad influence, Jade's heart leads her into a passionate affair. After her father discovers what's happening, though, Jade and David could be destined for tragedy. "Endless Love" has a PG-13 rating for brief partial nudity, mature content, language and teen partying.

"Winter's Tale" opened with $7,785,000. Beverly and Peter meet in an unexpected way. Peter is attempting to rob Beverly's opulent home when he discovers the young woman, quickly becoming entranced by her wisdom and beauty. The two fall in love, but Beverly's illness and Peter's dangerous criminal connections may come between their plans for the future, leading to heartbreak. The romance has a PG-13 rating for sensuality and violence.

Continuing Films

"The Lego Movie" maintained its lead at the box office during Valentine's Day weekend. Earnings of $48,810,000 brought total profits to more than $129 million. With Lord Business brewing evil plots, the Master Builders are under pressure to find the Piece of Resistance and foil his plans. Everything takes a turn for the surprising when the Master Builders recruit Emmet, an ordinary guy who may or may not have a big part to play in overthrowing Lord Business. "The Lego Movie" has a PG rating for crude humor and action.

"The Monuments Men" saw profits of $15,000,000, bringing overall earnings to more than $43 million. During the challenging, complicated final days of World War II, Lieutenant Frank Stokes decides to lead a select group of art experts into the fray. The mission will not be simple. The goal is to retrieve artworks and treasures from Nazi control, before these priceless items end up destroyed by the falling Reich. "The Monuments Men" has a PG-13 rating for historical smoking and war violence.

"Ride Along" earned $8,800,000. Since its opening, the movie has earned over $116 million. When James invites his potential brother-in-law, Ben, along during his day as a cop, it's not a friendly gesture. James is hoping to prove to his sister that Ben isn't worthy of her affection, but the day turns more interesting and more dangerous after James starts closing in on some important leads. The PG-13 rating is due to mature content, brief strong language and sequences of violence.

"Frozen" has earned more than $376 million so far, including weekend profits of $5,855,000. Princess Anna recruits the help of a reindeer, a snowman and an ice salesman to help her find her sister and possibly save the kingdom. Along the way, the four of them will encounter mountain trolls, icy conditions and plenty of obstacles that make their task more risky, but Anna won't give up easily. Mild rude humor and action contribute to a PG rating.

Movies to DVD

"Afternoon Delight" arrives out on DVD on Tuesday, February 18. Once upon a time, Rachel had big ambitions, but stay-at-home motherhood and a mediocre marriage have left her wanting a lot more from life. When she meets McKenna, a young stripper, Rachel sees her chance to make a difference in the world. Before long, McKenna is Rachel's new live-in nanny. "Afternoon Delight" has an R rating for language, drug use and graphic mature content.

"On the Job" is a Filipino action movie that follows four separate men, each one attempting to survive in a hostile and confusing world. Contract killers and the authorities clash violently, caught in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. At the end of the day, only the savviest and the toughest will manage to outsmart the rest. The film is not rated.