Adam Sandler's wife suggested Vanilla Ice for movie

June 12th, 2012

Adam Sandler's wife suggested Vanilla Ice should co-star in his latest movie.

The script for 'That's My Son' called for Adam's character to be friends with a 1980s star and Adam's wife Jacqueline immediately suggested the 'Ice Ice Baby' singer.

He told Collider: ''The way it happened was that the script said I was friends with a star that I hung out with in the late '80s and we became friends and were both at the height of our fame together.

''When we were talking about who it should be, my wife said, 'Vanilla Ice would be the best,' and everybody got excited for Vanilla Ice. So, we called up Rob [Van Winkle] and Rob came by the office and I told him about the part.

''I said, 'It's fun. You're actually going to be cool in the movie. You're a good friend. There will be jokes about what you do over a career, and stuff like that.' And he said, 'Sure, anything you want to do.' He was very loose and very cool.''

Susan Sarandon and her daughter Eva Amurri play the older and younger versions of the character Adam has a son with and he loved working with the mother/daughter team.

He said: ''The idea was that whoever plays the teacher, it should be a mother-daughter team. Instead of doing the make-up for 30 years later and putting a lot of make-up on an actress, it would be fun to get a pair, and those two were great. They said, 'Yes.' They're both pretty damn funny in the movie.''