Robert De Niro confirms ninth Scorsese movie

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March 7th, 2011

Robert De Niro has confirmed he will team up with Martin Scorsese for 'The Irishman'.

It will be the ninth time the pair - famous for movies including 'Taxi Driver' and 'GoodFellas' - will reteam for a project, with Joe Pesci and Al Pacino also on board for roles.

Discussing the film, based on the novel by Charles Brandt, De Niro said: "It's a movie based on a book called 'I Heard You Paint Houses'.

"It's about a guy who is - and I believe the book - says he's now passed away, but he confessed that he killed Hoffa and also Joe Gallo over here on Hester Street. And so I'm going to play that character, Joe Pesci's gonna be in it and Al Pacino is going to be in it and Marty's going to direct it."

De Niro will portray Frank Sheeran, a former union leader who becomes a hitman.

'Gangs of New York' scriptwriter Steve Zallian has written the script, which Scorsese said last year could shoot in 2011.