Interview with 'Almost Kings' Star Alex Frost

Photo Credit: Almost Kings
June 26th, 2012

The new drama Almost Kings is being released on DVD June 26th and I recently had a chance to talk with one of the stars, 25 year old Alex Frost, about the film, his role, and his blossoming acting career.

Nick- I’m talking with Portland, Oregon’s own Alex Frost who stars in the new movie Almost Kings which comes to DVD on June 26th. Hi you doing Alex?

Alex- I’m great man how are you?

Nick- I’m doing good.

Nick- I’ve recently seen Almost Kings and it is a great movie by the way.

Alex- Oh cool.  I’m glad you liked it.

Nick- Yeah I really did.

Nick- Alex you’ve been in movies like Elephant, Drilbit Taylor, Stop-Loss and many more, but the movie we are hear to talk about is Almost Kings where you played the role of Truck, the older brother of Ted Wheeler.  I’m sure you’ve answered this question a lot but can you give our audience an idea about what this movie is about and your character?

Alex- The movie is about two brothers in high school.  The younger brother is coming into his own as a freshman and he’s coming into this place where his older brother is pretty much the most popular kid in school and he wants to basically get into this group of elite high school kids.  The older brother takes the younger brother under his wing and basically teaches him how to be popular in school but there’s a catch to everything, and their catch is a little bit more intense than most peoples idea of becoming popular in high school.  They have sort of an initiation club where they need to prove themselves to other guys by manipulating woman in the high school. 

Nick-  Your character Truck seems kind of scandalous in the film. 

Alex- He’s very scandalous.

Nick-  You never really know what his true intentions are.  Do you feel like Truck is a good guy or a bad guy?

Alex-  I feel like Truck is a good guy who wants to be a good guy but he comes off as a bad guy.  A big part of the theme of this movie is that sometimes we hurt the people that we love in order to try and protect them.  As far as his intentions go, he does have good motivation.  His actions speak louder than words and they tend to be antagonistic in this respect. 

Nick-  I talked to your co-star Alex Russell and we both agreed that the movie could definitely have a sequel, what do you feel about that?

Alex- Oh absolutely.  We had several different endings we were considering for the movie but the possibility for a sequel is absolutely there.  You kind of want to see more about what would happen after the climax of the movie.

Nick- I watched it and I don’t want to give away the ending but it’s one of those movies where you want more.

Alex- Yeah.  It would be really interesting to see how the dynamic would change after the ending of the movie with the main character, Ted, to see what he does.

Nick-  How did you go about getting this role?

Alex- I actually just went in and auditioned for it and I got the part the same day I auditioned for it.  They were really enthusiastic about my take on the character and they wanted to start working on it right away.  I just went in prepared and I spent a few months with it to really define the character and make sure it was perfect.

Nick- So you’ve been in a bunch of different movies, what do you prefer to play?  Are you more of a comedy guy or more of a thriller guy?

Alex-  I’m looking for characters really.  Characters that have an interesting edge to them. A lot of the time I like it when motivations are little bit unexplained and there is a lot more ambiguity up in the air, where there’s unanswered questions in a movie it makes people think.  When I go to a movie and I walk out with a million questions on my mind and want them answered by just investing myself in the movie, then I think the movie has really served its purpose and done a great job.  So what I look for in scripts or characters is to find something that isn’t really all that clear, when there’s lots of room for unexplained motives and things.  It makes it a more exciting project to work on because you have more to work with in terms of what you can do and what’s possible with your character.

Nick- I saw that you recently did the movie Virginia.

Alex-  Yeah I did that out in Michigan.

Nick- I recently talked with Lance Black, the director of Virginia, and we were talking about all you guys and all the weather problems you guys were having.

Alex- Yeah it was a little rough out in Michigan.

Nick- Lance made it seem like it was crazy weather storms that you guys had to deal with. 

Alex- Yeah it was a little bit of a tough shoot on that one.  Actually, I got the swine flu when I was out there and so did one of the other cast members.

Nick- Are you serious?

Alex- Dead serious.  I didn’t think it was possible but it totally happened. 

Nick- That sucks! I got that a few years ago and it’s definitely not fun.

Nick- Why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you are doing in the future now.  I saw you are doing a new thriller 7500.

Alex- I shoot that movie a couple of months ago.  It’s a psychological thriller that takes place on a plane by Takashi Shimizu who’s the director of The Grudge.  It was a great time and we got to shoot in a closed location.  It was all in a fake airplane hanger and they built this giant fake plane set, it was definitely a totally different experience than I had ever been through before.  That movie should be coming out in the next year or so.  Other than that I am just looking for new characters and auditions. 

Nick-  You’re 25 years old and you’re from Portland, Oregon right?

Alex-  Yep.  I’ve been doing this for about 9 years now. 

Nick-  How did you get into acting in Portland, Oregon?

Alex- I got picked out of a random crowd to do my first movie ever called Elephant.  I was submitted with about 3,000 other kids and they just so happened to pick out my Polaroid.  It worked out from there.

Nick- So you had never acted before that?

Alex- Not before that, no. 

Nick- No high School plays or anything like that?

Alex- Nope, nothing like that.

Nick- Wow that’s amazing. 

Alex- It was an incredible opportunity.

Nick- I also saw that you are a really good pianist.
Alex- Yeah, I play piano and guitar.

Nick- How long have you been playing?

Alex- I took lessons for about eight years and I still play off and on.  Mostly I just play guitar.  I play all day everyday and I have been playing for about five years.

Nick- What kind of guitar are you playing?

Alex- Right now I have the Voyage Air collapsible guitar.  Which is really cool. It has a full size body and the neck bends down and fits in a back pack. 

Nick- No! What?!

Alex- Yeah and it has incredible sound. 

Nick- The neck collapses down?

Alex- Yeah it’s really cool.  The strings even fold down and all that.  You have to see it to believe it.

Nick- How does the action stay good on it?

Alex- It’s pretty decent.  It’s not like an exact thing but I don’t mind tuning it. Most of the songs I play are in drop D or a step and a half a step down.

Nick- What are you listening to?

Alex- Right now a lot of Elliot Smith and Jeff Buckley.

Nick- Oh so you are one of those depressing folk guys huh?

Alex- Haha.  I like to play everything.

Nick-  I really like those guys but you definitely need to be in the mood to listen to them. 

Alex- Yeah I know. 

Nick- Well thanks a lot for talking with me today Alex, I really appreciate it.  Almost Kings comes out on June 26th so our audience will have to go pick it up.  Thanks so much.

Alex-  Thanks a lot Nick, I appreciate it.