Interview with 'Chronicle' and 'Almost Kings' Star Alex Russell

Photo Credit: Alex Russell
May 25th, 2012

Australian actor Alex Russell blew people away in the hugely popular movie Chronicle and recently he was nice enough to call in to Movie Room Reviews  and answer a few questions about his new movie Almost Kings which comes out on June 12th. 

Nick- Hey Alex, hi you doing man?

Alex- Good, good.

Nick- Where you calling from today?

Alex- I’m in LA.

Nick-  Cool man, I’m in Ohio.  Just a little bit different then LA.

Alex-  Haha.

Nick-  So you’re one of the stars from the new movie Almost Kings which comes out June 12th, and you just starred in the movie Chronicle as Matt Garetty.  In this movie you play the role of Hass, a high school senior who’s a little rough around the edges.  I just watched it but could you give our audience a little breakdown of the movie?

Alex-  Yeah absolutely.  Ted Wheeler is a young freshmen who idolizes his brother Truck and he is torn when he has to choose between doing what he thinks he needs to do to make his brother happy and to fit in with the crew or do what in his heart he knows is right.

Nick-  How do you feel about your role in the movie?

Alex-  I love my role in the movie.  I felt like I was given a real gift just to play Hass.  It’s just super fun to play someone who’s just kind of a loose cannon.  He’s just constantly bringing the energy up and wanting to make everyone around him laugh and be happy.  He’s just looking for a good time.  He’s loyal like a dog to Truck.  He’s sees these guys as his brothers and that is something I can really identify with.  There’s so much to him and his actions that I can really connect with and can understand.  More than anything he’s just a loose cannon. He’s unpredictable which is like gold for an actor. 

Nick-  I feel like everybody knew that guy in high school.  You went to school in Australia right?

Alex- I did.

Nick- Did you know a guy like Hass?

Alex-  We had a lot of weird guys similar to that but apparently I have stereotypes that are slightly different.  But yeah I know what you mean there is always that guy. 

Nick- Where was Almost Kings filmed at?  Was is set in Nevada because it had a Nevada feel to it?

Alex-  We shot in and around LA.  We just got really really lucky with the rain and the weather was just perfect for our shooting schedule.   Then we just went way, way out and I can’t even think where we went but we went way out of town to these sort of beautiful secluded spots.

Nick- I was just in Nevada and I felt like the scenery was really close to that and that’s one of the things that I really liked about the movie.  Especially in that opening scene where they’re shooting the gun at the hornet’s nest.  The landscape in that scene is really cool and the sky looked amazing when they drove into that sunset. 

Nick-  You are Australian and I’m sure you get this a lot but is it hard to come up with your American accent?  When I was watching the film I couldn’t believe that you were from Australia because your American accent was so good. 

Alex-  Hey thanks man.  It’s just practice and living here.  Being around Americans a lot and the rhythms of it makes it so much easier.  I really enjoy doing accents as well and I feel like that’s one of the things I lend myself to a little more easily.  I just like to screw around with it, have fun with it, and work hard at it until it’s perfect.  Plus, I listen to every American friend that I have and they tell me what is right and what isn’t right. 

Nick- What made you want to come to America and do movies?  I just talked to an Australian director the other day who has a new movie called The Cup about the Melbourne Cup and it was filmed in Australia with Australian actors that I hadn’t seen in any American films and I was wondering how big the scene is there and why you came to America?

Alex-  It’s just a far, far, far smaller industry.  It’s a wonderful industry but there is so much less opportunity than there is here.  That’s the main reason why people want to work here is because there is far more opportunity as an actor or as a director because it’s so creative.  This is the hub.  This is the center of the western world’s entertainment.  This is why everyone comes here.  I never will not want to do Australian films though.  I’m always going to want to do that and have that as part of my life and my schedule.  It will always be hugely important to me.  There’s something about wanting to grow up and go to Hollywood, it’s like a dream from when you were a kid.  When I was ten years old I didn’t go to see the local Australian film, I went to see The Matrix. 

Nick- Haha that’s awesome. 

Nick-  One thing about Almost Kings I really liked, I’m not going to give any spoiler alerts, is that it had a great ending.  It left me hanging so much I feel like there could almost be a sequel, don’t you?

Alex-  I agree. I feel like there could be a sequel as well.  It leaves you with a slow lingering sense as everything sort of spirals out of control in such a short amount of time. 

Nick-  I hope to see a few more movies about Ted Wheeler going through high school as a one of the Kings and see where his life takes him.

Alex-  Yeah absolutely. 

Nick-  Well the film Almost Kings is coming out on June 12th but what else can we look forward to seeing from you this year?

Alex-  I just found out about a week ago that I got another job.  I’m going to be playing Billy in the film Carrie and we’re going to be shooting in about a month but I don’t know when that’s coming out. 

Nick-  Who’s the big actress that signed on to play Carrie's mother?  I just read about that.

Alex-  Julianne Moore.  I’m really stoked about this and it’s my favorite script I’ve read since Chronicle and I’m just so happy to be a part of it. 

Nick-  Well I can’t wait to see that and I loved Almost Kings and I think you did a great job in it.  I wish you the best of luck on your way.

Alex-  Thanks so much man.  Thank you.