Aaron Johnson replaced Orlando Bloom in Alibert Nobbs

December 7th, 2010

Aaron Johnson has signed up for new movie 'Albert Nobbs'.

The 'Kick-Ass' actor will star alongside Mia Wasikowska in the Rodrigo Garcia-directed period project after Orlando Bloom was forced to drop out.

The movie - which tells the tale of a woman in 19th century Ireland who must disguise herself as a man in order to survive - will also star Glenn Close, who take on the lead role, and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

The script has been co-written by John Banville and Glenn, and is taken from the play 'The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs', which the 'Fatal Attraction' actress appeared in.

Speaking about the movie, Glenn has said: "I believe in this story and its potential to take everyone on a sensuous, funny, heart-breaking ride."

Shooting was supposed to start in July but was postponed, meaning Amanda Seyfried - who had originally been up for the role 'Alice in Wonderland' star Mia is playing - had to drop out.