October Comedies That Flourished at the Box Office

Photo Credit: Anchor Bay Films
November 17th, 2013

October Comedies That Flourished at the Box Office

Generally known as the month for thrillers and chillers, this October was a surprisingly great month for comedies as well. Audiences welcomed a wide selection of them; three of which delivered truly unique plotlines and charming characters. From a tale of two cousins who travel to the big city to embark on a get-rich-quick business empire to a tiny demon living in his host's intestinal tract, there is no shortage of refreshing and bizarre October comedies to choose from.

"All is Bright"
"All is Bright" tells the tale of two Canadians who run in less-than-reputable circles. The schemers journey to New York City where they plan to make it big on a get-rich-quick business, selling Christmas trees to busy New Yorkers. Paul Rudd stars as Rene and Paul Giamatti plays his cousin Dennis, for whom, as a former felon, life is proving hard—especially as Rene is now living with his ex-wife. Somehow, the cousins manage to pull it together for the sake of striking it rich in the big city. It's a hilarious adventure with plenty of family drama and a surprising dose of Christmas spirit. This winning actor combination is probably why the film has done so unexpectedly well at the box office, drawing in pre-holiday audiences.

"Pulling Strings"
Rachel is a savvy and attractive woman married to her career as a high-ranking diplomatic consul in a US Embassy. When she isn't working, she is traveling around the world enjoying high-society life. One night, Rachel takes off from her post in beautiful Mexico City to party in London. A wild night on the town leaves her drunk and unconscious on a street she doesn't know. When she wakes up, she realizes that she was rescued by none other than Alejandro, a dashing Mariachi singer who took pity on her the night before and brought her home, so nothing could happen to her. Rachel soon learns that his application for a work visa in America was rejected the day of her party. Not one to owe a debt to anyone, she realizes that she can repay her handsome hero by pulling some strings at work and getting his visa accepted. Along the way, Rachel winds up falling for Alejandro, and all thoughts about her life of jet setting and partying fly out the window. This hilarious film is filled with plenty of twists and turns, and the storyline of cultural collision is sure to resonate with a modern audience. With plenty of heartwarming drama and a family-friendly story, it's no surprise this comedy has done so well at the box office.

"Bad Milo"
No list of popular October comedies would be complete without mentioning "Bad Milo." Ken is a mid-level office worker with a mild-mannered temper and a beautiful wife. Unlike the other men in his suburban neighborhood, he has a bizarre condition that causes him to get severe abdominal cramps whenever he feels stress. These worsen as Ken tries to hide any signs of his stress from his wife and his parents, who have been pressuring the young couple to start a family. When a routine surgical procedure to find out what the problem is goes awry, Ken realizes his large intestine is home to a small, murderous demon named Milo. True to the film's name, Milo is the essence of evil. He wreaks havoc and leaves a trail of bloodshed wherever he goes, causing Ken even more stress.

Bizarrely enough, Ken finds himself strangely relieved by his strange little squatter's murderous antics. However, that relief is short lived when Milo begins threatening Ken's wife, the only person in the world he truly cares about. Ken must find a way to tame his inner demon before he and Milo destroy everything he loves.

With such an innovative storyline and a grotesque creature as one of the film's leading characters, it's no surprise that "Bad Milo" has appealed so strongly to comedy fans. It is one of the most refreshing comedic additions to the box office in recent years, offering a welcome change from the standard romantic comedy formula.

With such innovative films, it's easy to see why these comedies flourished at the October box office. These unique movie gems offer novel storylines and quirky plot twists sure to satisfy even the pickiest fan. Whether you like a classical comedy storyline with a twist, family comedy, or you prefer a bizarre science fiction tale with a healthy heaping of gore, there is something in the October comedy selection for everyone.