"Alpha Males Experiment" - An Insightful Comedy

Photo Credit: Naedomi Media
February 12th, 2013

"Alpha Males Experiment" - An Insightful Comedy

Ethan and Kyle are brothers, but when it comes to women, they might as well come from different planets. Kyle is unapologetically old-fashioned in his views on dating. In fact, he's so old-fashioned that his approach hails all the way back to the days of the caveman. Ethan, meanwhile, does not agree with his big brother's Neanderthal views. He handles dating much differently, preferring to be the supportive and sensitive "nice guy."

The touchy-feeling approach seems to be working out pretty well for Ethan, who will soon be walking down the aisle with a beautiful bride. He realizes that Heather does not have much patience for his financial struggles. She longs for a cushy, luxurious lifestyle, but Ethan believes their love is stronger than a few money problems. Ethan is too busy imagining his own happily ever after to notice that things are turning sour. To his shock, the engagement falls through when Heather unceremoniously dumps him. Heartbroken and back to square one, Ethan is finally desperate enough to seek advice from his no-nonsense, sexist brother.

Kyle is not at all surprised to hear the news of the broken engagement. He believes that Ethan never really acts like a "real man," letting his fianc┼Że take advantage of him. Now that Ethan needs to mend a broken heart, Kyle is more than happy to fulfill his brotherly duty and show Ethan the ways of the world. He decides to get Ethan back in the dating world, but this time playing by Kyle's exacting set of rules. For instance, Ethan has to stop being the nice guy. That means fewer compliments, and more insults. It also means less talking about feelings, and more taking action.

Although it goes against his nature, Ethan decides to give Kyle's seduction techniques a try. At first, he finds that Kyle's advice goes against his very nature. When he tries to treat women the way Kyle suggests, he only lands in hot water. To complicate matters further, Ethan's friend, Patricia, insists that Kyle has it all backwards. She thinks Ethan should take a much different approach, treating women with the respect they deserve. The war between the sexes takes on whole new dimensions as Kyle and Patricia both try to convince Ethan that the other one is in the wrong. Meanwhile, Ethan is starting to think that his boorish brother may be on to something. Just when it seems that Kyle may be the voice of wisdom after all, a few twists and turns throw the whole debate into question again. Everyone might have to take a step back and reevaluate their ideas about sex and love, whether they subscribe to caveman ideas or a more modern approach.

Alex Ranarivelo directs this clever, perceptive, and no-holds-barred comedy about the world of dating. Born in France and raised in New York, Ranarivelo has a slew of award-winning short films under his belt. "Alpha Males Experiment" is his first feature film.

In addition to exciting new directorial talent, the insightful comedy also features a talented cast that brings the story to life. Paul J. Alessi brings some warmth and humor to Kyle, the brash and cynical older brother who may not know quite as much about the opposite sex as he believes he does. Alessi is New York born and raised, deciding to take up acting after first pursuing everything from ice hockey to construction work. Continuing his trend of multitasking, Alessi does not just star in the film. He also serves as one of the producers of "Alpha Males Experiment."

Ross McCall plays Ethan, the perpetual nice guy who learns how to stand up for himself. Although Ethan's authentic New York accent may trick viewers, McCall actually hails from Scotland. McCall is most recognizable for his appearance in "Band of Brothers," where he played Joseph Liebgott. McCall also appeared in the TV series "Crash," portraying police officer Kenny Battaglia, and explores his dark side as villainous Matthew Keller on "White Collar."

In addition to the talents of McCall and Alessi, "Alpha Males Experiment" has a strong supporting cast. The brothers' circle of friends and dates rounds out the romantic comedy, offering their different views on the war between the sexes and the true way to a woman's heart. Amie Barsky brings her talents to the screen as Patricia, Ethan's opinionated and understanding friend, while Danielle Nicolet and Omar Gooding play a couple whose seemingly happy relationship develops cracks. Jennifer Alden is Heather, Ethan's demanding ex-fiance.

"Alpha Males Experiment" is an award-winning examination of a question that has pestered romantic relationships since the human race began: What do women really want in a man? The issue is not simple, but this film provides a hilarious and observant answer to the age-old question.