Amanda Crew's damaging shoot

August 2nd, 2010

Amanda Crew was left "covered in bruises" after shooting 'Charlie St. Cloud'.

The actress - who stars opposite Zac Efron in the new movie - admits she was unprepared at how difficult she would find learning to sail, which was necessary for the role, and was constantly injuring herself on set.

She said: "The sailing stuff was always a disaster with me. Zac picked it up really quickly, but I'm not very athletic. We did a lot of sailing training, and we had personal trainers to do a lot of weight training in the gym, but I'm a klutz.

"I had bruises all over my body, through the entire shoot, just from falling over."

Despite her clumsiness, Amanda admits training to handle a boat with competence has left her in the best shape of her life.

She added: " We were on the water every day, for at least three hours, then in the gym every day. I'm so glad that we did that because I never felt so physically strong. I was not just mentally connected to the character, but also physically connected, just because we had been doing all that work.

"The director was always like, 'When you're doing your sailing training, don't be Amanda sailing, be Tess sailing. Amanda sailing is, 'Oops, sorry!,' and Tess sailing is like, 'Yeah, this is what I'm doing, and I'm doing it wrong, but I'm doing it.' He was always just getting us to be in character."