Amanda Seyfried changed lifestyle for Les Miserables

January 12th, 2013

Amanda Seyfried gave up caffeine, dairy and alcohol to land a role in 'Les Miserables'.

The blonde actress plays Cosette in the movie and was so determined to be involved in the production, she completely changed her lifestyle.

She told Grazia magazine: ''I started working with a voice coach in August 2011. I gave up caffeine, stopped drinking as much alcohol, gave up dairy... it was like I was in training.''

Amanda admits her character is so different to her real self, she felt she had to change her behaviour on set, even when she wasn't filming.

She added: ''It's weird playing this virginal angel. I am not at all like Cosette. So I felt this responsibility to be a more discreet version of myself on set.''

The 'Mamma Mia!' star recently confessed landing a part in 'Les Miserables' was a dream come true as she has been obsessed with the musical since she was a child.

She said: ''I was only 11 when I first saw it, and ever since I've been hoping and wanting to be a part of it. Playing Cosette is proof that life has a way of making things come full circle if you want something badly enough. I wanted the role more than anything I've ever wanted in my life.''