Amanda Seyfried's uncomfortable nude scenes

March 16th, 2011

Amanda Seyfried finds watching her own nude scenes "awkward".

The blonde actress has grown increasingly comfortable with showing off her body on screen and while she finally feels "sexy", she admits she still struggles to compose herself if she has to re-watch raunchy footage of herself.

She said: "It's fun to finally feel sexy. I mean, I've been disconnected with the sexual side of me. I know it's in me, but it doesn't really reveal itself very often in my personal life. Which I do find problematic! And I am working through that, and finding that side of me.

"[But] I don't know what to do with my hands when those sex scenes come on! I usually cover my eyes when I'm doing something.questionable! So it's really awkward for me. I can never really wrap my head around how I'm supposed to behave, or how I'm supposed to feel."

The 25-year-old star also admitted she loves playing feisty, fearless characters, which is what attracted her to playing Valerie in the new updated version of classic fairytale 'Red Riding Hood'.

Speaking about the role, she told Long Island Press: "I think the first direction I had for Valerie, I separated from the usual damsel in distress. You know, she's not in distress at all. She's this young, strong female going through her life, and realising her sexuality and trying to navigate herself through her life.

"So that's how I wanted to play it. She's the heroine, and she needs to have balls. That was really attractive. And I love playing women with no fear. Especially in these circumstances, she's pretty brave."