All-Star Cast Electrifies "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

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The Marvel Web-slinger returns.
Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures
April 30th, 2014

Marc Webb returns to direct this all-star cast in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." He was also the director for the 2012 movie, "The Amazing Spider-Man," in which the lead roles were recast with phenomenal younger actors. The reboot with Webb's new vision for Spider-Man grossed $752 million around the world. Based on the Marvel Comic character introduced in 1962, Webb's "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" continues to introduce younger generations to the wonderful world of masked superheroes.




Andrew Garfield/Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

American-born, British actor Andrew Garfield was raised in Epsom, Surrey. His early acting career began in England with television roles in shows such as "Sugar Rush" (2005) and "Doctor Who" (2005). Garfield received international exposure with roles in movies like "The Social Network" (2010). He took on the lead role of Peter Parker after the highly successful "Spider-Man" movie franchise starring Tobey Maguire ended. In the title role of Peter Parker, Garfield stretches his acting capabilities by playing the dual role of Peter Parker and his alter-ego Spider-Man. This time around, Spider-Man has to contend with a villain that has not been shown on the big screen, Electro.



Emma Stone/Gwen Stacy

Born Emily Jean Stone, Emma Stone started acting in Phoenix, Ariz. at age 11. Her earliest credit is a VH1 production entitled "In Search of the Partridge Family" (2004), in which she reprised the classic television role of Laurie Partridge from "The Partridge Family" (1970). Stone had several television roles following her debut, but her first major movie role was in "Superbad" (2007). She established herself as an acting contender in the roles of Olive in "Easy A" (2010) and Skeeter Phelan in "The Help" (2011). Taking on the role of Gwen Stacy, formerly played by Bryce Dallas Howard in "Spider-Man 3," Stone brings Peter Parker's first love in the Spider-Man storyline to the big screen with a new flair; Howard, oddly enough, was also one of her co-stars in "The Help." Stacy is a wonderful part of Parker's life, but the extraordinary side of Parker's life tends to get in the way of their romance.




Jamie Foxx/Electro (Max Dillon)

Born Eric Marlon Bishop in Terrell, Texas, Jamie Foxx is known as a stand-up comedian. He is also a classically trained musician. Foxx is a talented singer who has released several albums and is an Oscar-winning actor for portraying the title role in "Ray" (2004). Often combining several talents in his movie roles, Foxx got practice early in his career in the television variety show "In Living Color" (1990). He also had television roles in sitcoms like "Roc" (1991) and his own sitcom entitled "The Jamie Foxx Show" (1996). In a slight plot change from the Marvel Comic character, Max Dillon is changed to a bio-electric evildoer by falling into a tank of eels. When his persona is perfected, Electro takes on Spider-Man. With electricity on his side, Electro is a formidable opponent for Spider-Man and demands his attention.



Dane DeHaan/Green Goblin (Harry Osborn)

A graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts, Dane DeHaan is an Allentown, Pa. native with plenty of stage experience. In 2008, DeHaan starred in his first Broadway play, "American Buffalo." Winning an Obie in 2010 for his role in "The Aliens," DeHaan continued to work on and off-Broadway. He is also known for his work in television, starring in the show "In Treatment" (2010) as Jesse D'Amato. Peter Parker's childhood friend, Harry Osborn, played by DeHaan, makes his debut in the second installment of the revamped Spider-Man series. Osborn takes over the reins of Oscorp, his father Norman Osborn's company, after the onset of his father's terminal illness. Unfortunately, his father's illness is hereditary. Osborn is contending with his personal struggles, while his evil alter ego, Green Goblin, seeks revenge on Spider-Man.

Webb is charged with continuing the legacy of one of Marvel Comics' most popular series, Spider-Man. He takes into consideration the technology available to movie producers and introduces the character Electro to a more tech-savvy generation of moviegoers. The lack of visual technology in the past has given Webb total creative control to make Electro's superpowers come to life on the big screen. Known for making music videos, Webb has the mass appeal and the experience to make things interesting for the younger generations. This variation on the original Spider-Man plot twists from the 1960s is intriguing to those who are used to Spider-Man comic books that were based on that era. "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is set for release in theaters in May 2014.