Andrew Garfield to star in "99 Homes"

July 25th, 2013

Andrew Garfield is tipped to star in '99 Homes'.

'The Amazing Spider-Man' actor has been linked to the lead role in award-winning filmmaker Ramin Bahrani's drama about a man who turns to a life of money laundering after losing his home, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Garfield will play a man who works with the manipulative real estate broker that foreclosed his home to help evict other home owners, but soon finds himself helping the seedy character embezzle money from the government. While his financial worries disappear, his conscience begins to eat away at him.

Producers are currently seeking to cast the part of the manipulative broker.

The gritty drama is set to focus on the recent economic downturn and is seemingly a good fit for Bahrani, whose award-winning film 'Man Push Cart' - about a former Pakistani rock star turned Manhattan street vendor - successfully tackled the theme of hardship.

Treehouse Pictures - the production company behind Bahrani's most recent film, 'At Any Price', which starred Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron - will be lining up Kevin Turen and Justin Nappi to produce the film.

Meanwhile, Garfield is currently filming the blockbuster sequel to 'Amazing Spider-Man', which is due for release next summer.