Superhero Movie On-Screen Couples That Grew to Real-Life Romance

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures
February 14th, 2014

The movie-going audience can spot on-screen chemistry in a heartbeat. Sometimes, that on-screen romance expands into something more as co-stars discover they want to keep exploring that chemistry after the cameras are turned off. In superhero movies, that tendency gets kicked up a notch. There is the inherent excitement of action scenes, the romantic tension of love scenes and the benefit of at least one of the on-screen individuals being a superhero. Here are four real-life couples whose romance all started on the set of superhero movies.



ben-affleck-jennifer-garner.jpgPhoto Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

“Daredevil” - Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

In the 2003 film “Daredevil,” Affleck plays a lawyer named Matt Murdock who loses his sight, but he has developed heightened senses that he uses to “see” the world around him. He travels around the city heedless of danger, fighting criminals he cannot manage to bring to justice in court. Elektra Natchios, Jennifer Garner’s character, meets Matt Murdock, not realizing his secret identity. When Elektra’s father is assassinated, she believes Daredevil to be the murderer and goes after him swinging two sharp Sais. She realizes her error and is killed going after the real murderer. Murdock then has to avenge her death.

In real life, the filming of “Daredevil” was grueling, especially for Garner, as she often pulled seven-day weeks bouncing between work on “Alias” and the film. Even with the heavy workload, the on-screen chemistry was apparent as Garner and Affleck were nominated for a Best Kiss award at the MTV Movie Awards that year. They had some tough competition, with the winner being the iconic upside-down kiss from “Spider-Man.” Reportedly, it did not hurt that the tall Affleck did a bit of superhero work when a wire stunt went awry. He shouted, “I’ve got her,” and caught her in his arms. The couple married two years later, with Affleck proposing on Garner’s birthday. They have three children: Violet, Seraphina and Samuel.


jennifer-lawrence-nicholas-hoult-x-men-reunite.jpgPhoto Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

“X-Men: First Class” - Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence

The origin-story film of the 2011 “X-Men: First Class” was unique among on-screen superhero romances in that both Hoult, as Beast, and Lawrence, as Mystique, were playing superheroes. Comic book fans no doubt notice another on-screen commonality between the two characters that Hoult and Lawrence play apart from the romance that develops. They both spent a lot of time in the makeup chair as they both were turned very blue. This actually plays prominently into the plotline, as the filmmakers use the characters’ appearances to talk about true beauty versus external appearances.

The romance kindled on the set of “X-Men” proved a rocky one, and after two years of dating, their busy schedules led to a breakup. Once again, however, the “X-Men” franchise brought the two back together for the “Days of Future Past” sequel, and they began dating again in July 2013 with an engagement in December 2013 on Christmas Eve. Speaking to Elle magazine in December 2012, Lawrence said, “My boyfriend is honestly my best friend, and hopefully I’m his best friend, too. He’s my favorite person, and he makes me laugh harder than anybody.”



andrew-garfield-emma-stone-spiderman.jpgPhoto Credit: Columbia Pictures

“The Amazing Spider-Man” - Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

There’s an age difference between Garfield and Stone of about five years, but on-screen they both play teenagers of the same age. Garfield is in the iconic role of “Spider-Man” in the 2012 reboot “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and Stone plays Gwen Stacy who comic book lovers recall as Peter Parker’s love interest long before Mary Jane came along.

Garfield’s and Stone’s romance might never have gotten started, as a long list of other actresses were considered for the role including Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff and Ashley Greene, who played Alice in the “Twilight” films. The two have been dating and living together in New York City, and according to an article in US Weekly, they are strongly considering marriage and children. The primary hold-up, according to the article, has been busy schedules.



blake-lively-ryan-reynolds-image.jpgPhoto Credit: Warner Bros.

“Green Lantern” - Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

“Green Lantern” in 2011 tells the story of a fighter pilot who becomes the first human chosen to possess a powerful ring able to shape energy to his will. It might have flopped in the theaters, but it sparked a romance with co-star Blake Lively.

The two began dating in October 2011. The next year, they purchased a home together in the summer of 2012 in Bedford, N.Y. In September, the two married and have been together ever since.

Hollywood romances are historically turbulent, and plans and relationships change frequently. However, these superhero movies have led to some committed relationships and marriages. These relationships promise a good chance of happy, comic-book endings for these real-life couples.