Amy Adams wants Lois Lane role to empower women

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A 2013 reboot of the classic superhero film series, Man of Steel will star British heartthrob Henry Cavill as Clark Kent while Amy Adams portrays Lois Lane. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane are also on board to star as Clark's parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, respectively.

September 17th, 2012

Amy Adams wants her portrayal of Lois Lane in 'Man of Steel' to have a positive affect on young women.

The 38-year-old actress was inspired by Margot Kidder - who played the fictional journalist in the original 'Superman' movie in 1978 - when she was younger, and she is hoping her portrayal of the heroine in the forthcoming Zack Snyder-directed 'Man of Steel' will be just as empowering for other females.

She said: ''I grew up really loving [her]. I wasn't trying to be her, but I hope I do enough of a good job to have the same effect on young girls as Lois Lane had on me.

''I really loved seeing a woman represented as a modern woman in a superhero movie, and not even glamourised, really - she was kind of a troublemaker. She wasn't a typical heroine. I identified with her from a very young age.''

While Amy is hoping her take on Lois - the love interest of Clark Kent/Superman, played by Henry Cavill - will be welcomed by viewers, she admits the character will have a different look from her usual jet black hair in the comic book character's latest big screen outing.

She added to USA Today: ''This was a new idea, down to the hair colour. I knew people would want to talk about my hair colour. It was going to be a thing.

''Zack told me he didn't hire me to play someone else. He hired me to play Lois Lane. It's a whole reimagining.''