Top 5 Funniest Actors of the New Year

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures
January 16th, 2014

There is nothing more enjoyable than starting the New Year off with a laugh-out-loud comedy film or TV show. This year, there are a great deal to choose from that are definitely guaranteed to satisfy your sense of humor. Funny movies and TV shows need funny actors, and this year's batch of actors are true champions when it comes to sparing no expense, as long as laughter and a thoroughly entertained audience are the end result.

Paul Rudd

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Paul Rudd started off as the adorably charming love interest to Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless" and has been making audiences laugh out loud ever since. Whether he is poking fun at himself in hilarious hits like "Knocked Up" and "This is 40" or feeling groovy in the "Anchorman" franchise, Paul is definitely a front-runner with a bright future. His latest film, "Anchorman 2," reunites him with his merry band of brothers that include the one and only Ron Burgundy.

Will Ferrell


will-ferrell.jpgPhoto Credit: Paramount Pictures

Will Ferrell has been making audiences laugh for over a decade. His early days on "Saturday Night Live" introduced him to the world as true comic royalty. Will has starred in over a dozen comedies and appeared on several prime-time TV programs. In each appearance, he reveals more of his true genius when it comes to impressions and physical comedy. Whether Will is playing the lovable cheerleader with his "Saturday Night Live" partner Cheri Oteri or playing stepbrother to veteran actor John C. Reilly, each of his performances are genuine and amazing. This year, Will revisits his hilarious character Ron Burgundy in "Anchorman 2" and also provides the voice for President Business in "The Lego Movie," an animated feature. Will is definitely a class act and one of the top funniest actors of all time.

Kevin Hart


kevin-hart.jpgPhoto Credit: Universal Pictures

Kevin Hart's star is rising rapidly, and it just seems to be getting brighter. This funny man has made audiences laugh for years playing the feisty sidekick in a variety of films. These days, he has risen to leading man status and definitely has a bright future ahead of him. Kevin's comedy films include "This Is the End," "Grudge Match," "Think Like a Man" and "Ride Along." Kevin is truly one to watch, as his one-man comedy shows are selling out throughout the country. He is also a welcome guest star on a variety of TV sitcoms and talk shows. This year, Kevin is definitely a top contender when it comes to funny actors.

Craig Robinson


craig-robinson.jpgPhoto Credit: Columbia Pictures

Craig Robinson is best known for his smart and funny interpretation of Daryl on the American version of "The Office." This funny guy is also a well-known stand-up comedian and a seasoned movie actor. When not entertaining TV audiences with his hilarious jokes and one-liners, Craig can be found at famous comedy clubs throughout the country as well as in some of this year's funniest blockbusters. In "This is the End," Craig appears with Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill and several other top comic actors who all play themselves. He can also be seen in "Hot Tub Time Machine 2," the long-awaited sequel to "Hot Tub Time Machine." Craig is definitely one to watch this year, as well as for many years to come.                                        

Taran Killam


taran-killam.jpgPhoto Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Taran Killam is one of the most popular stars on "Saturday Night Live." He seems to be willing to do anything for a laugh, and he is absolutely hilarious. He parodies famous stars like Brad Pitt or Scotty McCreary and portrays a crazy-faced line cook in a famous McDonald's sketch. Taran is definitely a star on the rise. He has had a variety of guest spots on popular shows, such as "Community," "I Carly" and "How I Met Your Mother," along with several memorable movie roles as well. Taran is one of the most unique comic actors this year, and his performances deserves nothing but applause and laughter.

Movies and TV programs provide a healthy and entertaining form of escape for their audiences. There is no better way to wash away the stress of a particularly hard day than with a charming comedy featuring some of today's most loved entertainers. Light situation comedies, charming romantic comedies and downright ridiculous comedy films starring these top five funny men all have the same aspect in common. They are designed to make audiences laugh and forget about their troubles for a while. With stars like Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Craig Robinson and Taran Killam, laughter and fun are definitely the end result.