MOTW: Five Memorable Quotes from "Animal House"

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September 25th, 2013

MOTW: Five Memorable Quotes from "Animal House"

The loveable lunks of the Delta Chi fraternity are the focus of "Animal House," a hilarious and groundbreaking comedy from director John Landis. The film was released in 1978 and was very controversial at the time because it dared to push the comedy envelope. There were some truly gross scenes in the film that were not common for the time, which caused some initial backlash. Despite this backlash, the film found a very devoted audience that still exists today, and it is now considered to be a comedy classic. It also helped launch the film career of the legendary John Belushi and became the template for many other college-set films that were to follow. The film has dozens of funny and memorable quotes, but these five stick out the most.

"Thanks. I needed that."

Easily one of the most famous quotes from a very quotable film, this line is said by Bluto (Belushi), who has just been given a bottle of Jack Daniels. Bluto is clearly thirsty, so he proceeds to start drinking directly from the bottle. He continues drinking until the entire bottle is gone in one long chug. Bluto's hard-partying ways had already been well established at this point in the movie, but if there were any viewers who doubted his drinking prowess, those doubts were put to rest with this quote. Of course, downing that much alcohol so quickly would lead to alcohol poisoning in real life, but Bluto seems largely unaffected by his massive, lightning-quick consumption.

"Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

Bluto strikes again, and this time he didn't need to polish off a bottle of whiskey in order to do it. Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of history knows that it was the Japanese who bombed Pearl Harbor, not the Germans. Sure, the two countries were allies during World War II, but that still doesn't make Bluto's declaration factually correct. The fact that he actually got into college but still didn't know that he was wrong makes it all the more funny. Belushi says the erroneous line with such conviction that he really sells it, which also adds to the funny factor. It is a classic line that is still yelled today by fans of the film, particularly at toga-themed parties. Speaking of togas parties …

"Toga! Toga!"

Campus fraternities have long been associated with toga parties, but the crazy members of the Delta Chi fraternity seem to love toga parties more than most. Here, Bluto, almost inarguably the craziest of the fraternity brothers, screams for a toga party so loudly that it becomes infectious. His fellow frat brothers share his enthusiasm, and the audience gets a chance to see Bluto and the Deltas in their natural party habitat. Plenty of toga parties have been thrown across college campuses everywhere, but none as famous as the one in "Animal House."

"The time has come for somebody to put his foot down, and that foot is me."

The Delta Chi fraternity has long been a pain in Dean Wormer (John Vernon)'s neck. He has wanted to put the students on probation and wait for them to mess up for a few years, but he has always failed. As much as the Deltas love to party, they have never really run afoul of the rules, at least not with any witnesses around. Wormer is tired of waiting for them to mess up though, so he decides to set a trap and let the Deltas fall into it. His declaration is bold, but he ends up inadvertently referring to himself as a foot, which is a very comical way for him to begin his quest.

"Seven years of college down the drain."

Unless a student opts to go to graduate school, college should only take four years to complete. Some of the members of Delta Chi aren't all that bright, though. For example, Bluto thinks the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor and would rather stick pencils up his nose than learn during class. The thought of any or all of the Deltas having to spend seven or more years in college shouldn't be surprising. What is surprising, however, is how casual they seem to be about it, as if they have no problem staying in school in order to avoid having to grow up and join the job force.