Anna Faris has red carpet fashion fear

October 9th, 2011

Anna Faris is always scared she will be named on a worst dressed list when she attends a showbiz event.

The Hollywood star is always nervous before she walks the red carpet because doesn't want to get criticised for her choice of outfit.

She said: "I hate getting dressed up for award shows. I'm not good at it and it really stresses me out. I don't want to be on the worst dressed list!"

Anna would much rather be at home with her husband Chris Pratt than out partying.

The 34-year-old actress - who married the 32-year-old actor in July 2009 - especially likes to cook when she has free time and her speciality dish is roast chicken stuffed with lemons.

Anna - who stars with Chris in her new movie 'What's Your Number?' - said: "I make a really good roast chicken. It's kind of boring but it's impressive. I stuff it with lemons, put it on a bed of onions, roast it for a while. Then I make some homemade croutons and make some beans with a little rosemary."