Anna Kendrick charmed by Gordon Levitt

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Inspired by real experiences, 50/50 is a story about friendship, love, survival and finding humor in unlikely places. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen star as best friends whose lives are changed by a cancer diagnosis. Bryce Dallas Howard acts as Adam's concerned girlfriend while Anna Kendrick plays the role of an inexperienced psychologist who takes him as one of her first grief counseling patients.
October 28th, 2011

Anna Kendrick found her romantic scenes with Joseph Gordon Levitt in '50/50' very believable.

The 26-year-old actress plays the therapist of Joseph's character cancer patient Adam Lerner in the movie and says her co-star is such a good actor, he made her believe she had really "charmed him".

She explained: "I was impressed with the connection Joe was able to create. I've never really done a romantic role and I didn't realise how hard it was! Joe was good at making me feel like I really charmed him - when actually he's just a good actor."

However, Anna admitted she found the scenes gruelling to film.

She told Total Film magazine: "I thought, 'this is supposed to be the easy day, we're just being adorable right?' But I felt spent afterwards like I'd been filming some horrible crying scene all day."

Joseph was equally impressed with Anna, saying: "Anna's got great comic timing and she's really hot too, which was nice to see because I don't think people think of her in that way."