Anna Kendrick 'worried' about limited ParaNorman role

August 13th, 2012

Anna Kendrick was ''worried'' her acting would be limited in 'ParaNorman'.

The 27-year-old actress lends her vocal talents to the role of cheerleader Courtney Babcock in the 3D stop-motion animated adventure movie, but she was concerned standing in one room in front of a microphone all day wouldn't be fully exercising her talent.

He said: ''I feel like 'ParaNorman' was this almost pure acting exercise, it's been so great to feel like I don't have any limitations.

''Going into it I thought that I would, I was worried I would feel really limited and restricted having to stand in front of the microphone in a room. But in fact, it was just the opposite - I felt as if I had no limitations, I felt more free; I didn't worry about the camera move, the lighting, the other actor, hitting my mark, my face or my body.

''I'd be given direction and then say the lines without over thinking them. That was really satisfying.''

While Anna initially didn't think filming the movie would be very active, she found the work ''physically exhausting'' particularly when her character was involved in athletic scenes.

She added to ''I was surprised by how physically exhausting the voice work was - maybe that's just me, with my first time doing it.

''But because I'm being chased by zombies in this film and things of that nature, I found myself trying to stay in my little radius where the microphone could still pick up what I was doing, but doing a lot of hand stuff and feet stuff - I was doing all this weird stuff with my feet.''