Michelle Pfeiffer would return to Catwoman

June 19th, 2012

Michelle Pfeiffer would be open to playing Catwoman again.

The 54-year-old actress portrayed the sexy supervillain in 1992 movie 'Batman Returns' and enjoyed tackling the role, though she thinks it is ''unlikely'' she will asked to play the character again in the future.

Asked if she would play Catwoman again, Michelle said: ''Probably, if they asked me. It's unlikely that they're going to ask me.''

The 'Dark Shadows; actress would hope for a more comfortable costume if she ever did return to the role, admitting the tight-fitting catsuit would become ''vacuum packed''.

She added to E! Online: ''It was probably really unhealthy and it would literally just start to squeeze my skin. I was only allowed to wear it for so many hours.''

Catwoman can next be seen in 'The Dark Knight Rises' and Michelle thinks Anne Hathaway is perfect for the role.

She said: ''She looks fantastic. She looks great.''

Michelle previously admitted she can't wait to see Anne in the role.

She said: ''I think she's great. I'm actually very much looking forward to seeing her in that role. I'm a big fan of hers and I think she has everything you need for that role. She has the humour, she can go to dark places, she's obviously very talented. I think she's going to be really good.''