Anthony Hopkins worried about 'weirdo' role

February 7th, 2011

Sir Anthony Hopkins was scared about looking like "another weirdo" in new movie 'The Rite'.

The 73-year-old actor - who famously played human flesh eater Hannibal Lecter in three movies from 1991 to 2002 - was initially nervous about taking on the role of exorcist Father Lucas in the Mikael Hafstrom-directed thriller, but changed his mind when he met the Swedish filmmaker.

He said: "I looked at the script and I thought I don't want to do another weirdo, because I'm not - wasn't quite sure.

"My agent thought, obviously, finish reading it. He said Mikael Hafstrom wants to meet you. So we met in a hotel in Beverly Hills. We had breakfast, and I was so impressed by him because he's one of those - he's a Swede, and he's kind of a little distant, but that's his temperament, and laid back.

"He doesn't show - demonstrate great feelings, and I liked the idea that it was based on a true story and that he didn't want to do anything strange with it, you know, spinning heads and things and all that."

Despite his initial reluctance, he is glad he took on the role because it gave him an opportunity to show his acting "chops".

The British born star told Piers Morgan on his CNN talk show: "I played the priest, and the priest was possessed himself. So it was a great opportunity to show my chops, you know?"

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