Natalie Portman involved in Thor 2 director talks

December 15th, 2011

Natalie Portman is actively involved in discussions about who will direct 'Thor 2'.

The Oscar-winning actress - who played the role of Jane Foster in the 2011 Marvel film starring Chris Hemsworth and Sir Anthony Hopkins - is said to have been annoyed because Patty Jenkins, who was originally intended to helm the project, is no longer involved.

As a result, Marvel is now including the 30-year-old beauty, who is believed to be considering taking time off from acting following the birth of her son Aleph, in the decision making process to keep her on board - although she is contractually obliged to partake, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

'Monster' director Patty parted ways on the project earlier this month due to creative differences.

Had she have completed the job, she would be the first female director of a Marvel movie, which encompasses films including the 'Iron Man' series and 'The Avengers'.

The first 'Thor', which told the tale of the leader of the Norse Gods banishing his son to earth, made $448.5 million at the box office worldwide.

Since picking up an Academy Award for her role in ballet thriller 'Black Swan' and giving birth to her son, Natalie has not signed up to any further film projects.