Colin Farrell worried about Fright Night remake

August 17th, 2011

Colin Farrell was "worried" appearing in a 'Fright Night' remake might be career suicide.

The Irish actor plays the role of vampire Jerry in the 2011 remake of the classic 80s movie, and he admits he was not enthralled when he first heard about the Craig Gillespie-directed reimagining.

He said: "My initial reaction to it was, 'Oh no, Hollywood unoriginality strikes again!

"Craig Gillespie said, 'I'm going to end my career. Why don't you join me?' And I said, 'But I've tried to end mine so many times.' I loved it and I was worried about the notion of being involved.

"The ego doesn't want to be involved in remakes because then people go, "Remakes? That's unoriginal and that's uncool."

However, the 'Horrible Bosses' star - who appears alongside Anton Yelchin and David Tennant in the movie - became convinced as soon as he read the script because it was so funny.

He said: "I read the script and, from page one until the end, it was just a really fun read. I was looking to do something that a little bit lighter than the dramatic films that I'd done, whether it was 'Triage', 'Ondine', 'In Bruges' or 'Pride and Glory'. They were so much fun, but I wanted to go and have a bit of crack, and not be constrained by an emotional or psychological background, or any of those things."