Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoys playing more mature roles

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Back onscreen in his first leading role since starring in 2003's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Arnold Schwarzenegger leads the cast of this 2013 action crime thriller set on the Mexican border. When a notorious drug kingpin escapes from the FBI, he and his gang, along with a hostage, race towards Mexico. Meanwhile, it's up to a newly-in-command Sheriff Ray Owens (Schwarzenegger) in the small U.S. border town of Sommerton Junction to ready his less experienced force as they prepare to make a last-ditch effort at intercepting the drug cartel before they cross the border.
January 4th, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks it is ''great'' there are movie roles that let him show ''aches and pains''.

The 65-year-old action star takes on his first major role since leaving office as Governor of California in 'The Last Stand' and is pleased he is being offered parts suitable for his age, rather than having to act younger.

He said: ''I did 'The Expendables 2', but it was really a cameo. This was a full schedule. It was great to have fun with my age.

''Now, there are scripts written for people in their fifties and sixties and it's good to take advantage of that instead of still pretending I'm 40 years old. To be heroic still, but with aches and pains.''

Despite his comments, Arnold insists he doesn't feel his age, though there are moments when he realises he is no longer as young as he once was.

He added to Esquire magazine: ''I don't feel 65. I feel young and energetic, but you do notice your age when you're doing physical things. You need a little more time to recuperate and recover.''