Sylvester Stallone pays the price for action movies

July 12th, 2012

Sylvester Stallone has admitted years of action movies have taken their toll on him and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The pair star in 'The Expendables 2' and although both have enjoyed long careers on the big screen in big budget action films, Sylvester revealed they have both suffered a number of injuries because of the physical nature of their work.

He told Total Film: ''It comes at a price. Arnie must have lifted a million pounds of weights in his life but it comes at a price. There's only so far you can push the machine, then it's a case of taking it to the mechanic to get this part fixed or that part fixed. These days that happens more and more.''

Despite his injuries, Sylvester, 66, wouldn't change a thing or slow down now he is getting older.

He said: ''I still love the challenge. I get there and I go, 'Let me jump off, let me go into the water. '

''I don't know how people do that green-screen work. I've done a bit and it drives me crazy. I like the heat of an explosion in my face, a hunk of tin flying past my head 30ft from where it should have gone. It's hard to get the emotion without it. I'm very proud of this movie because 90 per cent of the stunts are in camera.''