‘The Punisher’ Heads Into Production

Photo Credit: Marvel/Netflix
October 5th, 2016

For the first time, Netflix has two Marvel series filming at the same time as The Punisher joins Iron Fist filming in New York. Fans who were clamoring to see Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) return to Netflix a little sooner just might get their wish.

Frank Castle, the man who will go on to become Marvel’s Punisher, made his debut in the current crop of Marvel series during season two of Daredevil. He burst onto the scene in Hell’s Kitchen with plenty of automatic weapons and a desire to wipe out the gang activity he saw as responsible for his family’s death.

He looks a little different this time around though. In pictures shared by Just Jared, Bernthal is sporting a full beard and a hoodie when filming began on Monday. Given the nature of Frank Castle’s work though, perhaps he’s trying to go incognito for a while? You can check out the images over at Just Jared.

ComicBook.Com also revealed this week that they were provided with the working title for the series - “Crime.” Working titles, also known as production titles, are utilized to keep too many fans from turning up on location shoots as the signs warning residents of filming will simply say “Crime” instead of “The Punisher.” Typically, the production title is something tangentially related to a film or televisions series. For example, Luke Cage filmed under the moniker “Tiara” as a nod to his original comic book costume and Iron Fist is currently filming as “Kick” in a nod to its martial arts focus.

Of course, “Crime” doesn’t tell you much about what to expect from the upcoming series other than more of Frank Castle taking on bad guys, but fans will surely be keeping an eye on filming as it takes place around New York City. The news that filming has begun will surely put to bed the rumors that the character could be appearing on Agents of SHIELD. It also calls into question whether or not the character will make an appearance in The Defenders though, which is supposed to head into production once filming on Iron Fist is complete.

As filming ramps up, we can likely expect to see more casting announcements over the next month. So far, we only know that Ben Barnes has been cast in a villainous role. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

You can currently stream Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage on Netflix. Iron Fist will debut on the streaming site in March 2017 with The Defenders being added later that year. The Punisher will likely follow them both.