‘Daredevil’ Comes to DVD and Blu-ray Next Month

Photo Credit: Marvel/Netflix
October 14th, 2016

Marvel fans who don’t have a Netflix subscription are finally getting some good news. The first of Marvel’s Netflix series - Daredevil - is coming to DVD and Blu-ray.

So far, none of Marvel’s Netflix series have landed on DVD, and with Daredevil being the first of Marvel’s ventures with the streaming site, it makes sense that Daredevil would also be the first to get another method to watch. The first season of Daredevil premiered in early 2015, making it nearly a year and a half before the DVD release date.

Just in time for the gift giving season, Daredevil will hit store shelves on November 8, also the Tuesday after Doctor Strange hits the big screen and a week which Agents of SHIELD will have off thanks to it being Election Day. It’s Marvel’s nearly perfect Tuesday to release the first 13 episodes on DVD.

There’s no word just yet on what special features might be included in the release or whether or not the additional Netflix series available to stream so far, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, have planned release dates. It’s likely that if DVD sales are solid for Marvel, the other series will follow.

Of course, fans are still waiting for DVD and Blu-ray news of other Marvel shows as well, those from ABC. Agents of SHIELD still does not have a projected DVD release date for season three, nor does Agent Carter for season two. When fans have asked producers for both shows via social media, they seem as in the dark as fans are, citing international distribution processes for holding up the possibility of taking a little Marvel home. ABC and Marvel brokered an exclusive distribution deal with Amazon for the previous seasons of both Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter, but even Amazon hasn’t advertised any kind of possible DVD release in the future.

While Agent Carter is not currently available on Netflix, all of the rest of the Marvel TV catalog is. Iron Fist will be added to the mix in March 2017 when the entire first season will be available to stream.