‘Doctor Strange,’ ‘Guardians’ and ‘SHIELD’ Have a Big Marvel Week

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios
October 20th, 2016

We saw a lot of new Marvel Cinematic Universe news this week. Doctor Strange led the pack, of course, with the premiere just around the corner. In fact, you can livestream the world premiere of the movie tonight! We also got a new look at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and plenty of teases for Agents of SHIELD, plus a whole lot more. Check out everything from this week in the MCU below!


Doctor Strange

Another rumor about just how long this movie will be is out, and it’s shorter than most of the MCU chapter. If you just can’t wait to see the movie, the music that plays over the end credits has been released, and one site has the lowdown on the post credit scenes. There are also details out for an Easter egg that ended up not making it into the film, and one Runaways egg that did. The first reactions to early screenings of the film are out, and they’re mostly positive. Details about just how Scott Derrickson got the director gig are out as are details on just what Dan Harmon’s involvement in the movie is. Tilda Swinton is currently doing the talk show circuit for the film, and she revealed that her kids worked on set, and that there’s also another planet that was created for the movie. Check it out:




Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The first teaser for the film has arrived, though we’ll likely see a full length trailer soon with Doctor Strange hitting theaters. Vin Diesel talked Baby Groot with Collider this week and James Gunn revealed he’d like Nebula to get a solo movie. We also saw the poster for the film debut:

Marvel Studios


Thor: Ragnarok

We found out that two characters in the film might not have much shared screen time and director Taika Waititi promised this is the most “out there” of the MCU. There’s also one character from Guardians of the Galaxy he wanted to find a way to use, but couldn’t. You can find more in his Reddit AMA.


Avengers: Infinity War

Tom Holland isn’t sure about his involvement in the film, though there has already been talk about who will be in Spider-Man 2. Kevin Feige has said “everyone” will be involved in the Infinity War in his new interview with IGN. Cobie Smulder also got in on the action this week as she “spilled the beans” in an interview:




Luke Cage

Marvel’s new web show Thwip featured a few guests Luke Cage fans will be familiar with. Cheo Hodari Coker appeared in an episode while Theo Rossi appeared in another. You can also check out Marvel’s official youtube for their chats with cast members at the premiere of the show last month, which they just released.


Iron Fist

We already knew Jessica Jones cast member Carrie Ann Moss would have a role in the show, but apparently, it’s a pretty big one. Despite casting criticism, the executive producer stands behind Finn Jones as the lead role, calling him “perfect.”


Agents of SHIELD

Prior to this week’s episode, Gabriel Luna chatted with Comic Book Resources about his character. This episode was a doozy that brought a few separate storylines together (check out our review) and several cast and crew members shared behind the scenes images and videos on social media. Check out costume designer Ann Foley’s instagram as well as actress Elizabeth Henstridge’s instagram for tons of BTS goodies.

We also have a look ahead to next week with the first sneak peek and a few stills from the episode:






And even more Marvel….

Marvel’s king of cameos, and former Marvel comic book scribe, Stan Lee just received his first honorary doctorate at the age of 93.

The word is out on the working titles for upcoming Netflix series The Defenders and MCU movie Black Panther. The Defenders, set to film in New York, is filming under the working title “Group Therapy,” and heads into production soon. Black Panther, which will begin filming at Atlanta’s Pinewood Studios in early 2017, will film under the title “Motherland.”


That’s it for this week, Marvel fans! We’ll have another MCU roundup for you in another week!