‘Doctor Strange,’ ‘SHIELD’ and Marvel’s Netflix Series Dominate the Week

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios
October 27th, 2016

As the Doctor Strange gets even closer to a theatrical release, the amount of information about the movie grow. We’ve got the latest on the story, as well as Agents of SHIELD, Marvel’s Netflix shows, Black Panther, and more. Keep reading for everything that happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe this week.


Doctor Strange

In addition to revealing that Benedict Cumberbatch actually took on two roles in the movie, IGN also put together a list of how the movie will affect the future of the MCU. Scott Derrickson also talked to Cinemablend about mapping out the magic in the movie. Derrickson also already has some ideas for a sequel, though Tilda Swinton would like to see her character get a solo movie. Linda Louise Duan also talked about her role in the film, though her character is more like an Easter egg. There’s also a new promo for the release of the movie, and if you missed the livestream of the world premiere from Marvel, they shared the recording on their youtube:




Black Panther

The movie has added Letitia Wright in a mysterious new role. Though we already knew the movie would begin filming in Atlanta, now we know exactly when as casting for extras is underway.


Avengers: Infinity War

We might not know all the plot details, but we know that Benedict Wong will be joining the Avengers in the movie along with Benedict Cumberbatch. We also know, thanks to Production Weekly, that the movie is getting ready to film under the working title “Mary Lou,” which seems to have nothing to do with the movie itself. Of course, The Avengers previously filmed under the title of “Group Hug,” so it might still be a nod to something that happens in the picture.


Agents of SHIELD

The show went to prison this week, so to speak. Check out our review of the episode, that saw a few hints toward the growing story this season. Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen talked about their characters’ evolving relationship with Entertainment Weekly. Costume designer Ann Foley also chatted with Forbes about her work on the show and shared details about Jemma’s (Elizabeth Henstridge) outfit from the most recent episode on her instagram. Henstridge and former cast member Brett Dalton also appeared at a convention in Phoenix last weekend:




Marvel on Netflix

Kevin Feige continued to downplay whether or not series characters could show up in movies this week, but there’s plenty of Netflix series news that will make fans happier. MCU Exchange thinks Elodie Yung (Elektra) might be putting in an appearance in The Defenders as the cast is gathering to being work on the show. We don’t know if Jessica Henwick (Colleen Wing) will make an appearance either, but she’s starting to talk about her Iron Fist role more, including her audition preparation with Finn Jones. Currently filming though is The Punisher, which just added five more cast members, and will release in 2017 along with Iron Fist and The Defenders. The second season of Jessica Jones won’t start filming until after The Punisher and The Defenders, but we know that all 13 episodes of the season will be directed by women.


And even more Marvel…

Original Thor screenwriter revealed one thing he’d change about the film.

Taika Waititi revealed production on Thor: Ragnarok will wrap this week.

Talk Nerdy With Us chatted with Jona Xiao about her role in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Michael Douglas wants to see his character team up with Hawkeye in the MCU.

Kevin Feige talked up Captain Marvel’s abilities this week and he also addressed whether or not Iron Man will stay in the MCU with Robert Downey Jr. in the role.

Marvel Studios’ VP of Physical Production Victoria Alonso addressed gender inequality in the industry in a speech.

Marvel Studios’ VP of Technology Annie Chang was invited to join the Academy’s Tech Council.


And that’s all we’ve got this week, Marvel fans. We’ll leave you with a behind the scenes pic from the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, courtesy of James Gunn: