AMC Renews ‘The Walking Dead’ Ahead of Season 7 Premiere

Photo Credit: AMC
October 17th, 2016

Season seven might not have arrived just yet, but AMC knows what a good thing it has in The Walking Dead. The series has already been renewed for a season eight.

Fans have been waiting for months now to see the cliffhanger that ended season six - who did Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) kill - resolved. Before the audience could get that answer though, they were treated to a retrospective of the last six seasons called The Walking Dead: The Story so Far last night. The two hour special took the audience all the way back to the beginning of the series, giving fans who might have forgotten a few details a full recap of what’s happened so far.

At the start of the special, fans got another treat as the network revealed then that they had already opted to bring the show back for season eight. At this point, it would probably be more shocking if AMC didn’t renew the show. It’s easily the most popular drama on the cable network, and there’s still a wealth of material from the graphic novels on which the series was based to draw from. AMC has also previously compared the possibility of longevity for the show to that of the Star Trek franchise.

When the series returns for season seven, it does it with at least one major character death. The only character (so far) confirmed to outlive Negan’s bat is main character Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), but anyone else is fair game. You’ll have to tune in to see just how dark times are about to get for Rick and his people.

The Walking Dead returns for season seven on AMC next Sunday, October 23. It will air Sundays at 9PM.

Season eight will debut in late 2017, kicking off a 16-episode season with the series' 100th episode.