'Doctor Strange' Digital Release Shows New 'Thor: Ragnarok' Artwork

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios
February 14th, 2017

Out of the six upcoming superhero movies this year, Thor: Ragnarok is the only one that hasn’t shown a trailer or footage of any kind. However, the Digital HD release of Doctor Strange provided a sneak peek through concept art, showing drawings of a Hulk vs Thor battle and of Cate Blanchett’s evil Hela before they truly come to life.

Although this is a movie where Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk unite and go across the galaxy to defeat Hela, the most hyped part of the film will likely be their showdown on a planet of gladiators. This artwork shows that Thor will have a different helmet than usual when it happens, albeit one common to him in the comics, while the Hulk certainly has the weaponry to cut right through it.

Nonetheless, it is goddess of death Hela who is Thor’s greatest threat. Oddly enough, she seems to be threatening Loki in this artwork as well, regardless of which side he is on at that particular time.

There was artwork of Hela released months earlier, but it only showed her from behind, so this is the first concrete idea of how Blanchett looks in character. Nonetheless, a teaser trailer would provide a better idea, although that probably won’t be ready until Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 comes out.

Despite the lack of a trailer so far, Thor has appeared in his share of new material lately. In addition to his Doctor Strange mid-credits cameo to set up their scenes together in Ragnarok, there was the popular viral video with Thor and ‘roommate’ Darryl that showed what Thor was doing during Captain America: Civil War.

As it turns out, the Doctor Strange digital release has a Part 2 with Thor and Darryl, presumably helmed by Ragnarok director Taika Waititi just like Part 1. However, Marvel has only posted a minute-plus long snippet of Part 2 so far.

To Darryl’s likely relief, Thor will finally get out of the house and cover himself up a bit when Thor: Ragnarok gives him a real job again on Nov. 3. In the meantime, those who don't have access to Doctor Strange's digital release can see these extras on DVD and Blu-ray on Feb. 28.