Hayley Atwell Says ‘Agent Carter’ Could Still Come Back

Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC
September 28th, 2016

The hope for Agent Carter is a light that won’t go out. Fans want the show back, the producers want the show back, and the cast want the show back. While Hayley Atwell maintains that she was okay with letting the project go to move on to new projects (her series Conviction premiers next week), she also reveals in a new interview that she’s still hopeful for more time with Peggy Carter.

Atwell recently chatted with Comic Book Resources about the series ending and her taking on the lead role in a new show for ABC. Atwell reiterated what was said by both ABC and Marvel when it was revealed that she was cast as the lead in Conviction, that there was a chance she could appear in both or neither show:

“...When this pilot came about, ABC said, ‘Well, this is not where we’re cancelling Agent Carter. This is a great new project. We really want you in the center of it. We want to see if it’s going to go.’ And then, there were talks of, ‘Do we do an Agent Carter special? Does [Conviction] not get picked up, and Agent Carter does? Does the opposite happen? Does neither of them happen? Will I be completely, like, jobless come summer?’ All of that was a possibility, and you can only really focus on what’s right in front of you.”

As Atwell broached the topic of a TV special, CBR pressed for more information on that front. After all, fans of the show just want lingering questions to be resolved since season two of Agent Carter landed on a cliffhanger and there are gaps in the history of the SSR and SHIELD, the former becoming the latter under her founding, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Atwell revealed that a special isn’t off the table for Marvel, “I think they would have figured something out in terms of making a special, or waiting until we finish this season, and then we do something else with another network, perhaps. All I’m saying with that is, it’s still a much-loved show for the people involved in the making of it, and we know that the fans, it has a special place in their hearts. I would be very happy to go back to her if she became available…. I would love [a special] to be [on the table]. I hound [Marvel Studios co-president Louis] D’Esposito on a regular basis, saying, ‘Give me a movie!’”

Atwell has been very vocal about wanting to play Peggy Carter again, even if she doesn’t get the chance to do it until she’s in her fifties. With Marvel connecting all of their movies, there’s always the possibility audiences could see her again in another movie in flashback form or in a story set in the past.

You can still catch Atwell on television in her new series where she’ll be playing a woman who works to overturn convictions of people convicted for crimes they didn’t commit. Conviction premiers on Monday, October 3 at 10PM on ABC.