Hulu's ‘Runaways’ Gains an ‘Iron Fist’ Writer

Photo Credit: Marvel/Netflix
September 27th, 2016

Audiences haven’t been able to see more than a tease of the upcoming Netflix series Iron Fist, but in true Hollywood fashion, they learned that some of those working behind the scenes have already moved on to other projects. Tamara Becher, one of the writers for Marvel’s fourth Defenders series, shared an image on Twitter indicating that she’s got a “new gig” with another Marvel series, the upcoming project for Hulu based on the Runaways comics.



While several fans asked Becher if Runaways will line up with the current continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Becher couldn’t respond. She repeatedly told fans that “She-Hulk will rip my fingernails out” or “Marvel will send Ultron to talk to me about it,” citing Marvel’s secrecy surrounding all of their projects. The Runaways comics feature a group of (sometimes time traveling) teens who break away from their group of supervillain parents, so it will definitely be interesting to see how it would be fit into the current MCU.

Becher has an interesting writing history in television. Not only did she get her start on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but she’s worked as a script editor and script coordinator on various television shows, which means she’s used to making sure scripts translate easily to the screen already and that production teams find them easy to understand. She’s also written for genre shows like Warehouse 13, spy series like Covert Affairs, and crime dramas like Shades of Blue before working on Iron Fist. Her background is sure to come in hand in the Marvel world.

Iron Fist is currently filming its first season and will debut on Netflix some time in 2017. Before that, you can catch another Marvel defender debuting his solo series as Luke Cage hits the streaming site on September 30. Agents of SHIELD is also currently airing its fourth season on ABC on Tuesdays at 10PM.

There’s no projected release date for Runaways just yet, but with all of the other Marvel TV in development or on the way, it might not be until 2018 before fans see it. It will mark the first Marvel project for Hulu.