'Iron Fist' Unveils Premiere Date and New Photo

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios
October 4th, 2016

Now that Luke Cage has launched, there's just one more solo Marvel/Netflix series to go before they all come together in The Defenders. Nonetheless, it will still be a while before Iron Fist rounds out the quartet, although now there is an official release date for his first solo season.

Netflix not only revealed the date in a teaser video, it showed a first look at Finn Jones' Danny Rand/Iron Fist using his fists.



Marvel Studios

It wouldn't have been surprising to see a first look at Danny in Luke Cage days earlier, since Danny and Luke are very close in the comics. However, unlike with other Marvel/Netflix shows, there was no cameo appearance by a future Marvel/Netflix hero in this one. In fact, there was a bigger Easter Egg about Jessica Henwick's Colleen Wing near the end of Luke Cage than for Iron First himself.

Given how long it took to put Iron Fist together in the first place, perhaps this slower build up isn't a surprise. Still, he will get to go first in Marvel/Netflix's 2017 schedule, and even has the same release date online as Beauty and the Beast does in theaters.

After Iron Fist establishes himself, he will immediately get to team up with Luke, Jessica Jones and Daredevil in The Defenders. From the looks of it, this climax to the Marvel/Netflix superhero universe will probably come in summer 2017.

Before Iron Fist takes on a threat too big for one hero, he will first face coming home to New York 15 years after being presumed dead, and facing a "long-destined enemy" that makes him "forced to choose between his family’s legacy and his duties as the Iron Fist."

This "living weapon" will make his choice in about five months, only to find himself part of an even bigger universe months later. Until then, the Marvel/Netflix fanbase will have to pass the time finishing its binge watch of Luke Cage, if it didn't finish already this past weekend.