Kate Winslet heaps praise on Michael Fassbender

July 2nd, 2015

Michael Fassbender learned ''182 pages of dialogue'' for the Steve Jobs movie.

The 38-year-old actor's on-screen co-star Kate Winslet has revealed the extraordinary lengths Michael went to star in the new movie, which comprises three separate 45-minute scenes that are each continuous.

Kate shared: ''We have nine-minute takes, sometimes even longer.

''I think there's a scene that Michael and Jeff [Daniels] had that was about 14 pages, so it really went for 11 minutes of continuous dialogue.

''It's not unusual for an actor to learn huge passages of dialogue when you do a play. But it is unusual for an actor like Michael Fassbender to learn 182 pages of dialogue of which he's on every page. It's like Hamlet, times two.''

Meanwhile, Kate said the unusual way the film about the technology whiz has been shot made it an ''extraordinary'' experience.

She told Entertainment Weekly: ''The way in which that film was shot was extraordinary... extraordinary.

''Each act is continuous 45 minutes backstage of real time at each launch that Steve Jobs made during those time periods - '84 was the launch of the Macintosh, '88 was the NeXT computer, '98 was the iMac. Each act takes place backstage and literally ends with him walking from the wings on to the stage to rapturous applause.''