Marvel’s Mephisto Could be Bound for the Cinematic Universe

Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC
September 27th, 2016

In our round up of Marvel news last week, we told you about new Agents of SHIELD cast member Gabriel Luna discussing his work on the show with Collider. There’s one detail from that interview though that is making fans sit up and take notice now, and it’s his mentioning of one particular Marvel villain.

While talking about the more supernatural elements coming to Agents of SHIELD as a result of the introduction of his Robbie Reyes incarnation of Ghost Rider, Luna told the publication, “It’s a lot of really fun stuff that starts to lean into the world of Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider and Mephisto, and all of these other elements that also exist there, like ghouls and goblins and all sorts of cool things. We’re happy to be the ones to break the ice on that.”

While Doctor Strange is about to make his cinematic debut just a few short months after Ghost Rider popped up on Agents of SHIELD, Mephisto is not currently a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Previous speculation had him as a possibility for an appearance on the alien planet in season three of Agents of SHIELD, but Mephisto made his first comic book appearance in a Silver Surfer comic book, so there’s also been speculation that the character’s screen rights might rest with Fox, who owns Silver Surfer as part of their X-Men and Fantastic Four deal.

Mephisto is essentially the Marvel comic book stand in for the devil. A being with immense power, he calls the domain over which he reigns Hell to trick humans into believing that he really is Satan. He also was the demon-like deity that granted immortality to a cult that evolved into the Mys-Tech corporation, and he’s made a pact with Johnny Blaze, placing an ancient demon in the man that would claim souls of others, making him Ghost Rider. Because he’s a part of the Johnny Blaze origin story, it’s also possible that his screen rights are back with Marvel who has regained the rights for all of the Ghost Rider characters.

The character has a lot of ties across the Marvel comic book realm as well. He’s set spies within SHIELD, had his soul manipulated to give Scarlet Witch children, tormented Mockingbird in the afterlife, and his daughter has also battled Doctor Strange. If Marvel has the rights to the character, there’s a lot of potential for his use.

It’s entirely possible that Luna name checked Mephisto in his chat with Collider because he’s been doing his Ghost Rider research, reading every comic book (which he often shares on social media) that he can get his hands on. It’s also possible that name dropping Mephisto could indicate Robbie Reyes might have made a similar deal with the devil on the show.

The comic book version of Robbie Reyes ends up with his version of Ghost Rider when he’s killed during a street race and the ghost haunting the car he’s driving takes over his body to save him. That ghost happens to be a serial killer who loves to exact vengeance. We could still see the show’s twist on the comic book version, but we could also see a twist on the Johnny Blaze version of the character co-opted for the show.

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