MTV Brings ‘Scream’ Back for Shorter Season 3

Photo Credit: MTV
October 17th, 2016

MTV’s Scream seemed to tie up quite a lot of its loose ends when season two concluded, leaving fans wondering if the show would allow the few left to dangle forever. While the show is also getting a special presentation, MTV has opted to renew the show for a third season.

Scream debuted with pretty stellar ratings for MTV for its series premiere - more than one million viewers tuned in for the very first episode. That’s great for a network like MTV, especially in a 10PM timeslot, where the network doesn’t usually have a lot of viewers. The show has practically been bleeding viewers ever since though, hitting a series low of just 271,000 viewers for S2E04. The continuous drops left the fate of the show up in the air.

The interesting thing about Scream though, and a huge win for MTV, is that its has a large social media presence. As fans watch the show, they discuss it on twitter, facebook, tumblr, and it tends to dominate the social media sphere during live showings. Despite the small audience, Scream has a very passionate one.

That passion is being rewarded with a slightly shorter third season. Season one had ten episodes, while season two increased to 12. Season three will be cutting that number in half to just six episodes, but considering the special airing this month adds two hours to the initial season two order, the drop is even more dramatic.

When the show returns, it will also be with new showrunners. Jill Blotevogel and Jaime Paglia ran the show for season one, but stepped down for season two, allowing Michael Gans and Richard Register to take up the reigns. The latter duo are out heading into season three, though new showrunners have yet to be named.  

Considering we don’t yet know how many of the main cast will make it out of the special, we don’t yet know which cast members will be involved in season three either. It’s also unclear whether the show will stick to its small town location and mystery or move somewhere new. MTV likely won’t reveal any details about the show until well after the special airs.

Before we make it to season three, Scream will air the special episode on Tuesday, October 18. You can catch the two hour special at 9PM on MTV. The two hours will bridge the gap between seasons two and three in a whole new location as a new mystery is introduced.

Season three will air some time in 2017 along with the sophomore season of the fantasy series The Shannara Chronicles, which MTV has yet to set a premiere date for.