New 'Justice League' Synopsis Found

Photo Credit: Warner Brothers Pictures
February 10th, 2017

While much of the DCEU's schedule after 2017 is in flux, Justice League is one of its few projects that's right on track, although that doesn't automatically mean it will work. Still, as a new synopsis was found for the film, more crew members keep claiming it will really pay off.

As for its basic premise, Reddit found an unnamed film magazine that summed it up with a few new words. It describes that Ben Affleck's Batman "reevaluates his extreme methods" after Superman's supposed death, leading him to bring together Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and "cybernetically enhanced former college football star" Cyborg. Since reevaluating methods may also be necessary for the DCEU as a whole, that may well sound encouraging.

When the film's first official synopsis was released, it was before Ciarán Hinds was cast as alien villain Steppenwolf, and before anyone knew Steppenwolf was the arch-nemesis. But according to this new synopsis, Steppenwolf is indeed just a warm up for Darkseid, since he is labeled as "second-in-command" to the "alien warlord" who wants him "hunting down three artefacts hidden on earth" called Mother Boxes.

It is a simple enough premise, although Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sounded simple before Zack Snyder overcomplicated and darkened it. Nonetheless, Batman v Superman second unit director Damon Caro just assured Heroic Hollywood in a recent interview that Justice League was always meant to be "the rebirth of hope" after the darkness of Batman v Superman, like Return of the Jedi was after The Empire Strikes Back.

Given that the lighter Jedi is largely considered inferior to the darker Empire, it would be ironic if the reverse happened with Justice League, not to mention something that could finally turn the corner for the DCEU. Snyder also promised in an article for Total Film Magazine that there is actually "great fun" in bringing the whole "diverse group of larger-than-life characters" together, even though Ray Fisher's Cyborg may be a particular wild card as the confirmed host of one of the Mother Boxes.

Fans would likely be more reassured after they saw new footage, yet Gal Gadot did recently promise on Facebook Live that a new trailer is coming "soon." While an exact date wasn't spelled out, the release of the full Justice League movie remains set in stone for Nov. 17.