'Stranger Things' Casts Two New Characters and Adds Two Regulars

Photo Credit: Netflix
October 17th, 2016

Stranger Things Season 1 introduced hit characters like Eleven, Barb, Dustin and more, leaving a tough act to follow for any new characters in Season 2. Nonetheless, two of the three significent newcomers have now been cast, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The newcomers in question are a new young girl and her older step-brother, to be played by Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery. Sink's character is Max, described as a "tough and confident girl whose appearance, behavior and pursuits seem more typical of boys than of girls in this era."

That kind of description and more is sure to bring constant comparisons to the missing Eleven, even if Eleven was far more of an introvert. Yet like Eleven, Max also has "a complicated history and is generally suspicious of those around her."

Nonetheless, a greater danger may be her step-brother Billy, who is "hyper-confident and edgy" with "apparent charisma." That may make him sound a bit like Nancy Wheeler's boyfriend Steve, but while Steve was softened by the end of Season 1, Billy is teased as someone with a "violent and unpredictable nature." One of the teased episode titles for Season 2 is "The Lost Brother" so this also adds one more suspect on who that could describe, if not Will, Jonathan or Mike.

This isn't the first sci-fi franchise Montgomery is stepping into in 2017, as Stranger Things Season 2 should arrive a few months after Power Rangers shows Montgomery as the Red Ranger in March 2017. And like with the Power Rangers movie, hard core fans hope that Stranger Things Season 2 doesn't tarnish what came before it on TV, whether Montgomery helps or hurts that cause.

For Sink's part, she has already been a regular on NBC's short lived American Odyssey, and has guest starred on shows like The Americans, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Blue Bloods. While Montgomery may be more recognizable than Sink by the time Stranger Things returns, the show's younger stars didn't need a long resume beforehand to break out last season.

When the Duffer Brothers announced Season 2, they said three important new characters would be a part of it. Since one of them sounds ominous and the other less so by comparison, that leaves the unknown third newcomer to break the tie, whether it is yet another youngster or an adult.

As if the newcomers weren't going to make Hawkins more crowded, two guest stars from Season 1 were also promoted to full fledged regulars. Although Joe Keery's Steve and Noah Schnapp's Will had a lot of plot revolve around them last season, they technically didn't appear enough to be more than recurring guest stars. But since Nancy is still with Steve and Will may well stay in our world for more than one episode next season, Keery and Schnapp now get to be series regulars.

Between all the Byers and Wheelers, Dustin and Lucas, Chief Hopper, Steve, any new or old monsters from the Upside Down and the government, and Eleven if and when she comes back, Stranger Things Season 2 is not suffering for a lack of significant characters. If adding any more turns out to be overkill, it will be discovered on Netflix sometime next summer.