Ashton Kutcher dreams of westerns

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Set in northern Australia prior to World War II, Nicole Kidman is an English aristocrat who inherits a large ranch. After learning that English cattle barons are plotting to take her land, she decides make the harsh trek to the Land Down Under. During her travels she's accompanied by an independent cattle driver known as "Drover" (Hugh Jackman) whom her husband hired to transport her.
July 20th, 2010

The 32-year-old actor - who is married to Hollywood star Demi Moore - admits he wants to work on a cowboy-themed movie, but doesn't think it will happen because people are no longer interested in the genre.

He said: "I really want to do a western at some point that's like a real super gritty, gritty western. But I don't know if I'll get to do that because people don't really go to westerns anymore. But at some point, I'd love to."

The hunk also admits his 'Killers' co-star Katherine Heigl is determined to do a good job when working, but still remains a "great person".

He told MTV Australia: "Katherine's the kind of person who considers running to be a stunt, but at the same time what it is that she brings is so valuable, and she's actually a really great person on top of it.

"She just knows what she likes to do and knows what she doesn't like to do and brings it."