Hugh Jackman not an Avon Man

August 17th, 2010

Hugh Jackman has dropped out of 'Avon Man'.

The Australian actor is believed to have quit the role - in which he plays a man made redundant by a car dealership who begins work in the world of door-to-door cosmetics - so he can focus his attentions on a follow up to 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine', reports.

The second in the movie series is expected to see the mutant superhero head to Japan in a samurai-themed storyline.

Currently there is no director for the project, which has been penned by Christopher McQuarrie.

Although Jackman has quit the leading role in 'Avon Man', he is due to stay connected to the project as a producer.

Before working on the second Wolverine film, the 41-year-old hunk is still lined up to play a role in 'Selma', a civil rights drama in which he plays sheriff Jim Clark, who arrested Martin Luther King Jr.

Jackman's career has been quiet of late, but he is due to reappear in cinemas next year in historical drama 'Snow Flower and the Secret Fan'.