Michelle Rodriguez glad to be sexy

August 19th, 2010

Michelle Rodriguez was glad she got to be sexy in 'Machete'.

The 'Avatar' actress - who plays Luz in the action adventure thriller alongside Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba and Robert De Niro - admits she was glad to escape the uniforms she so often has to wear for movies and exchange them for something sexier.

She said: "You know what was amazing to me? Finally not having a frickin' cop outfit. I'm so tired of these butchy polyester outfits. It seems every time I do something I'm wearing some government outfit - it's so annoying. With the exception of 'Fast and the Furious', I'm always in uniform. I'm always like 'Can I just get rid of this butch outfit and be hot for once!?' "

However, the 32-year-old beauty admits she told director Robert Rodriguez she would not be taking her top off in the film.

She told Moviehole: "That was one of my first conditions before we even started, 'I'm not taking this off'. And 'if then you're still interested Robert, you can pay me' - I'm joking.

"But I understand why some did. I think it's that some people have that Cleopatra appeal, some people have that Warrior appeal, and some people have the mother appeal - whatever your power is as a woman, go for it! Run with it!"

'Machete' will be released in September.