Kevin Feige: Wright's "Ant-Man" not 'too far out'

July 17th, 2014

Kevin Feige has denied claims Edgar Wright's ideas for 'Ant-Man' were ''too far out''.

The former 'Ant-Man' director has spoken out against suggestions that himself and Marvel Comics parted ways - who was on board to direct the project - because his vision for it was ''too far out''.

Quizzed on whether the creative differences - cited as the reason for Wright's stepping down - had involved personality issues or whether Wright's vision for 'Ant-Man' felt out-of-sync with Marvel's wider universe of superheroes, Feige claimed it was a ''combination''.

He said: ''We sat around a table and we realized it was not working. A part of me wishes we could have figured that out in the eight years we were working on it. But better for us and better for Edgar that we figure it out then, and not move it through production.''

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, he added: ''The Marvel movies are very collaborative, and I think they are more collaborative than what he [Wright] had been used to. And I totally respect that.

''[But] the notion that Marvel was scared, the vision was too good, too far out for Marvel is not true ... It would have to be really out there to be too out there for us.''

Peyton Reed has now taken over the reigns of the film, which will star Michael Douglas as Hank Pym (Ant-Man) - a brilliant scientist who invents a substance that allows him to change size.

'Ant-Man' is slated for release on July 17 2015.