MRR Counts down the Top 5 Superhero Movies

Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures
October 18th, 2013

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The Five Best Superhero Films

Over the years, the superhero-film genre has developed thanks to inspiration from the rich, elaborate worlds created in comic books. American audiences have always been captivated by the superhuman heroes in these worlds with their amazing powers and uncanny devotion to justice. Although the genre continues to evolve, every era has a few classic superhero films that set the bar for all others.


"The Dark Knight"

Batman is easily one of the most iconic comic-book characters of all time. The classic story of the orphaned billionaire who uses his fortune to become the savior of Gotham City gets a whole new interpretation in "The Dark Knight." The film is a sequel to Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins," but many fans regard "The Dark Knight" as the best film in Nolan's trilogy. Christian Bale dons the cowl of Batman and prowls the dirty streets of Gotham City in this gritty interpretation of one of America's favorite superhero stories. Thanks to a superb script, great performances from an all-star cast, and tasteful special effects, "The Dark Knight" is a superhero favorite for casual moviegoers and diehard comic-book fans alike.


"The Avengers"

When it comes to action-packed films, it doesn't get much better than Marvel's "The Avengers." "The Avengers" brings in some of Marvel's most iconic superheroes and puts them all in a world-class team charged with saving the universe from a chaotic force. From Iron Man to the Hulk, "The Avengers" has something for every superhero fan to enjoy. The film is fast paced and manages to pull together some of the best storylines from the Marvel universe while maintaining a unique and cohesive plot. "The Avengers" earns its place as one of the best superhero films thanks to its playful sense of humor, striking the perfect balance between slapstick moments and witty one-liners.


"Iron Man"

"Iron Man" tells the story of Tony Stark, a billionaire who inherited his father's company and uses his considerable resources to build a mechanical suit that endows him with superhuman abilities. Stark is a witty character who has his own considerable following in the comic-book world. "Iron Man" set the bar for the use of irony and sarcastic wit in superhero movies. While the superhero genre was once the domain of all things corny and campy, "Iron Man" took a cue from the villains and gave its hero permission to engage in witty banter and snarky humor.



Although "Kick-Ass" is by far the most violent film on the list, it is also one of the most thoughtful superhero films in recent years. "Kick-Ass" is a truly unique addition to the superhero film genre, giving legs to the idea of a genuinely average kid who decides to become a hero. The film tackles the question of whether heroes are born or made. When a teenage boy grows tired of the corruption he witnesses every day on his walk home from school, an idea sparks a vendetta against the criminals. He dons a makeshift costume and sets out to defend the streets of his city, one mugging at a time. Without any skills or powers to speak of, Kick-Ass becomes the unlikely hero the world so desperately needs.


"The Incredibles"

It can be difficult to find a superhero film that is truly family friendly, because most of the comic-book-based films rely on fairly dark plot elements and intense scenes of violence. "The Incredibles" fills the void of family-friendly superhero films, following the life of a superhuman family struggling to lead normal lives. Mr. Incredible was once the world's greatest superhero, but when the threat of super-villains was eliminated, he was forced to resign himself to a mundane life in suburbia. The transition from saving the day to making insurance claim adjustments was not an easy one, and the film begins with Mr. Incredible being drawn back into the world of heroics. What starts out as a routine mission quickly escalates into a situation that could threaten the safety of the entire world. Mr. Incredible dons his cape once again and sets out to save the world, this time with his wife and kids along for the ride.

From super families to tragic heroes, the superhero film genre truly has something for everyone. The best superhero movies offer unique plots and great action sequences, finding a balance between character development and action. Whether you are an avid comic-book collector or are simply looking for a great family film, it's hard to go wrong with a movie that combines heroism and imagination.