Best Comedies to Kick off 2014

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures
February 18th, 2014

While 2014 is just getting underway, there has been no shortage of great movie releases. The comedy genre has already seen a number of successful, well-received films. From romantic comedies to animated comedies and everything in between, here are a few of the best comedies to kick off 2014.



that-awkward-moment_0.jpgPhoto Credit: Focus Features

"That Awkward Moment"

No longer the innocent teen from "High School Musical," Zac Efron stars alongside Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller in a romantic comedy that follows three single best friends through the trials and tribulations of bachelorhood in New York City. Despite making a pact to remain single, each man finds himself in a relationship, and each friend attempts to keep his girlfriend a secret. The film centers around the awkward moment in a relationship when one or both members is unsure of where it is headed. Released Jan. 31, 2014, the film grossed nearly $13 million at the box office, and critic reviews boast the charming cast of this date night film.



the-nut-job_0.jpgPhoto Credit: Open Road Films (II)

"The Nut Job"

The perfect combination of adventure and comedy, "The Nut Job" is an animated film that is perfect for the entire family. This film features an all-star cast of voice talent that includes Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser, Liam Neeson, Katherine Heigl, Stephen Lang, Maya Rudolph, Jeff Dunham and Gabriel Iglesias. Released Jan. 17, 2014, the film tells the story of Surly the squirrel, a recently exiled critter who must find a way to redeem himself with his animal brethren. Surly's plans to raid a nut house go awry when the business turns out to be a front for a band of human bank robbers. The cute comedy grossed over $58 million at the box office, and critics were impressed with the animation, imagery and clever writing. "The Nut Job 2," a sequel, is scheduled for release on Jan. 15, 2016.



ride-along_0.jpgPhoto Credit: Universal Pictures

"Ride Along"

Laughs abound when Ice Cube and Kevin Hart team up for this action comedy. Also starring John Leguizamo and Laurence Fishburne, "Ride Along" centers around Ben Barber, a tough-talking security guard who has plans of marrying his girlfriend, Angela. Before making Angela his wife, Ben must prove his worthiness to Angela's brother, an Atlanta detective named James Payton. In order to win James' approval, Ben joins him for a 24-hour ride along. Released Jan. 17, 2014, "Ride Along" grossed more than $41 million at the box office, and critics appreciated its energy and buddy-cop humor. A sequel is said to be in the works.


knights-of-badassdom.jpgPhoto Credit: Entertainment One

"Knights of Badassdom"

This fantasy-adventure comedy stars Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau, Steve Zahn and Margarita Levieva and was released Jan. 21, 2014. "Knights of Badassdom" tells the tale of three best friends who live for live action role playing games. When the trio accidentally conjures up a succubus from Hell, they must face the demon and the consequences. Despite grossing only $86,000 at the box office, audiences appreciated the film's humor.



gbf.jpgPhoto Credit: Vertical Entertainment


Released Jan. 17, 2014, "G.B.F." stands for Gay Best Friend and tells the tale of two gay high school students who are happy with their in-the-closet lifestyle. When Tanner is outed, a group of popular girls want to adopt him as their gay best friend. A social war breaks out as the three girls compete for Tanner's friendship, and Tanner is left to consider his friendship with his still-closeted best friend, Brent, who longs for the popularity that Tanner now has. Starring Sasha Pieterse, Megan Mullally, Joanna "JoJo" Levesque, Horatio Sanz and Michael J. Willett, audiences appreciated the film for its well-developed characters and talented cast.



back-in-the-day.jpgPhoto Credit: Screen Media Films

"Back in the Day"

"Back in the Day" is a raunchy comedy that stars Morena Baccarin, Michael Rosenbaum, Nick Swardson and Harland Williams. Released on Jan. 17, 2014, this film tells the tale of Jim Owens, who returns to his hometown for his high school reunion. While trying to rekindle an old flame and relive his high school days, Jim and his old buddies wreak havoc on the town and their friendships. Audiences appreciated that the film did not go over the top with action or romance but delivered in the comedy department.

With the comedy genre starting off in full swing in early 2014, only time can tell what other gems are soon to be released. "That Awkward Moment" is great for a date night, while "The Nut Job" is the perfect choice for a night out with kids. "Ride Along" is a great movie to watch on a night out with the guys, and "Knights of Badassdom" is great for teens and twenty-somethings who appreciate nerd humor. "G.B.F." is a great film for girl's night out, and "Back in the Day" is ideal for anyone who appreciates crude humor.